An egg cracked open in 2014 and turned into something pretty special.

Hatch montage

Hatch Coding began building a better way to learn how to read and write code in January 2014.

The initial research work done by Peter Kuperman at a local area school is the foundation for the company's ongoing research and development in computer programming education. It is also the foundation of the software used by over 40,000 students, 400 schools 1,200 computer programming educators and dozens of companies through the Dev Dragons corporate Company Throw Down.

Today, Hatch Coding offers learn at home software similar to piano lessons and corporate challenges through multi-month coding competitions for communities, companies and employee children.

Who we are

What we're doing

  • The Mission
  • It's simple: we make software that facilitates teaching and learning computer programming, and we want to make it affordable and widely used. That's because we've made two bold assumptions: 1) the new economy necessitates skills and competencies in computer programming, and 2) most children who are literate and who can type can achieve programming literacy with a real programming language.

    These assumptions are why everyone on the Hatch team believes that programming is the fourth R and that today's children benefit from programmatic literacy in the same way they do the other Rs. 

  • The Team
  • Peter Kuperman, co-founder, CEO
    Peter's family got a Commodore 64 when he was 9 years old. The computer's sparse software meant that he had little to do with it other than learn how to make it do things. His awareness of ongoing changes in technology and the economy spurred him to begin Hatch Coding—on the premise that if he could learn to program a computer as a child, anyone can. Peter has a degree in computer science engineering.


    Emmanuelle Deaton, co-founder, chair person
    Emmanuelle has been an Ontario Certified Teacher since 2005. She has been surrounded by self-taught coders for most of her life. Like Peter, she believes passionately that teaching and learning computer programming is achievable by nearly everyone and that programming literacy will give students options in the future. She is on leave from her full-time teaching contract.


    Eblen Gallegos

    Originally from Mexico, Eblen is breaking down walls in design, customer service, and who can teach computer programming. She has been a proud Hatch coach for years, and contributes to product development in both content and design.
    Neal Striegler-Pettersson
    Neal is a graduate of the University of Waterloo's aerospace engineering program. He delivers features and functionality week in, week out, and nothing he writes ever seems to break or have problems.
    Robert Kozin
    Robert is a proud recent graduate of the MaCS program at William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute. He started at Hatch with an academic internship and has decided to take a gap year—or two—to build and create software for parents, students, teachers, and school administrators.
  • The Coaches
  • All Hatch Coaches complete a vulnerable sector check prior to coaching students

    Russell - Started with Hatch managing the Richmond Hill Coding centre. He loves discovering how to help students make their ideas work.

    He is a self-taught coder in JavaScript and Python and is an OCT certified teacher in Biology and Chemistry and has taught almost every subject in the curriculum.

    Veronica - Has been with Hatch since October 2017. She graduated from Seneca College for Animation and on the side creates mini game projects.
    Her favourite part of coaching is seeing students make projects from scratch once they get confident with coding. She enjoys seeing students grow their skills, have fun, and apply their own creativity to each project they build.
    Brenda - Previous to working at Hatch, Brenda had a variety of teaching jobs - from camp counselling to private tutoring. When she joined Hatch it just felt natural to work directly with the kids, to help them discover the same love of coding that she has.
    Brenda studied Computer Science at Western University, with topics ranging from the basics of Python, Java, and C, to algorithmic design and computer architecture.
    She's been teaching since she was a child and it's been a love she's had for many years and she feels privileged to be paid to do it. I'm thrilled to be able to put these two talents together to help the kids at Hatch grow and learn.
    Shari - A former Hatch intern turned coach. During her internship with Hatch, she enjoyed seeing how it continually improved its product by introducing new ideas and concepts. She is a self-taught coder and she hopes to one day build an app.


    Although she's new to Hatch, she has worked with kids in the summer STEAM camp as well as a coach in their junior Robotics after school program last year. She will be entering her final year of high school in the Fall and is excited to be a part-time coach with Hatch and looking forward to seeing how creative her teams and students will be with the projects.

    Parth - is a full stack developer, currently in his third year of studying computer science at York University. He's always been interested in programming and problem solving and knows how important these skills are, especially now more than ever.

    He started coding in his late teens and knows the positive impact it could've had on his life if he had learned coding at a young age. He wants to help others feel that positive impact when learning a new and valuable life skill, which is why he became a coach.

    Meghan - Started with Hatch as one of the first 20 students in 2014 and became a coach after completing her AP Computer Science course. She's has worked with younger students as a music mentor/tutor at her high school and as a teacher’s aid at her former middle school. 

    She loves seeing a student’s excitement after they complete their project or challenge and she can’t wait to see how many future coders and programmers have yet to discover themselves!

    Kai - Is a third-year Computer Science student at York University with a passion for Data Science. Logical problem solving has always appealed to her and has been the main driver of her interest in programming.

    She's passionate about encouraging individuals - especially female counterparts to learn code and that is why she joined Hatch as a coach.