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Studio is a project-based learning platform designed for self-paced, mastery-based learning.

Students can choose the projects that are of greatest interest to them, and move through 26 learning levels for the development of expertise in requirements-based programming. Opportunities for creative coding develop background knowledge and understanding for success in requirements-based programming and lead to independent thinkers and doers.

  • Houses 600+ JavaScript (p5js) projects, 250+ Python projects, and thousands of associated critical thinking exercises

  • Keeps students in their zone of proximal development, so that they are neither bored nor overwhelmed

  • Suitable for independent work by students from grades 3 to 12

  • Used to teach a range of students: students with neuro diversities like autism, who have learning difficulties, and who are gifted

Hatch Studio software is supported by two guides.

The Hatch Studio Reference Manual uses graphics to illustrate computer programming concepts.

Students and teachers use the Hatch Studio Reference Manual to help with problem-solving as they create projects, using it in the moment to extend knowledge and understanding of a specific concept.



The Hatch Studio Debugging Guide is a skill development handbook.

It fosters skills in observation and problem-solving for programming.

It provides insight and activities that are useful in editing and revising a computer program. 

Taken together, the Hatch Studio Reference Manual and the Debugging Guide—student-centric teaching and learning resources—make grade 11, grade 12, and Advanced Placement curriculum accessible to children, teenagers, and adults.

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"My son is absolutely enjoying his Hatch Coding experience and enjoys working independently at home too. Thanks!"

Dali V.—Mom

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