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The Dev Dragons Coding Competition

Community - Building Skills - Bragging Rights - Party


Coding Literacy + Bragging Rights

Positively impact your company's future workforce and your employee community. The Dev Dragons Company Throwdown is a kids & teens coding competition where one company challenges 3 other companies to participate. Your company buys "Learn to Read and Write Code" competition seats for your employees and their kids. Hatch gives you the instructive software and runs the leaderboard.

Your employees and their kids will get to have fun - while learning to read and write code. So c'mon, #LetThemHatch, and tell us you're interested below!

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Hatch coding camp kids

Dev Dragons Coding Competition Timeline

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Today to May 1st, 2020

Preseason - where students build their skills

May 1st to September 20, 2020

Students build their skills, but within the framework of the competition.

September 21 to November 19, 2020

Teams of 4 students work on group projects.

November 20, 2020: Awards & Showcase Gala

Teams of 4 students work on group projects.

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What doors can you open for them?

Give your kids the gift of knowing how to read and write code - just like you would piano lessons, or athletic access. When they really understand how to read, write - and research - code they'll be able to turn any idea into an app. What doors will that open for their future?