Frequently Asked Questions

Considering Hatch Studio for your Company


1. What is Hatch Coding?

Learn about our Hatch Story and what our platform offers. (10 min)


2. Why choose Hatch Coding for learning to code?

All coding classes teach computational logic. Some teach computational thinking. Hatch teaches both of these, plus 3 other skills of being a well-rounded programmer:

  • How to translate ideas into code
  • How to do independent research to solve their own coding difficulties
  • Communication skills and how to work in a team (through group work)

These last 3 skills are the ones engineering managers most want when they hire new junior employees. You may or may not be thinking about the job prospects of your child yet (especially if they are under 10), but it’s a good idea to have at least one activity your child is doing that directly translates into skills for the future.

What value will Hatch Coding give to our employees?

Hatch will help boost your corporate culture within the parent community at your company while also offering a valuable learning tool for their kids, so they can effectively work from home during school closures.

What will employees get with the Hatch Platform if we sign them up for Hatch Studio for Companies?

  • Content:
    • Access to 600+ projects accompanied by thousands of challenges 
    • 1,800+ extensions and 50+ themes to choose from 
  • Individual feedback
    • Casual: All submitted projects get individual feedback
    • Dedicated or Serious: Casual + Weekly 1:1 virtual meetings like a Piano lesson
  • Community:
    • Opportunity to learn and connect with other Hatch Kids on your company’s leaderboard to showcase your most creative and best projects
    • A dedicated Hatch Engagement Specialist to work with your company team to boost engagement 
    • Access to join our daily Virtual Classroom to learn how to read and write code alongside other Hatch members facilitated by a Hatch Instructor
  • Bragging Rights:
    • Company vs. Company leaderboard for bragging rights
3. How to Sign Up

How do I get my company to participate? 

Hatch Studio for Companies can be "parent pays" or "company pays". Hatch can set up a "parent pays" custom signup page by connecting with us and making a request. If you want to push forward a company-wide initiative, please have your company rep (usually someone in HR and/or People & Culture) connect with us to get the ball rolling.


What’s the difference between Hatch@Home for individuals and Hatch@Home for companies?

Hatch@Home for companies is a tailored experience to boost the parent employee community at your company, with these additional perks:

  • Internal company leaderboard to showcase creative projects and build corporate culture
  • Company vs. Company Leaderboard for bragging rights
  • Weekly emails promoting the coding projects among employees’ peers to help connect people at your company more deeply
  • A dedicated Hatch Engagement Specialist to work with your company, to help grow your Hatch team and keep employees engaged
4. Pricing and Next Steps

How much does it cost to participate?

In the "parent pays" option, all families get 20% off from our standard pricing plans. This is automatically included in your customer signup page. In the "company pays" option, your company rep (usually someone in HR and/or People & Culture) can connect with us and start a discussion regarding price.

Can I sign up as an individual or do I need to be part of a company to join Hatch Studio for Companies?

To receive the 20% discount and get the additional perks for companies, you must sign up through your company.

How do employees qualify to participate in Hatch Studio for Companies? 

Employees with kids between the ages of 8-18 are the ideal candidates for participating in Hatch Studio for Companies.

Do employee parents need to know how to code before they can sign their kid up for Hatch Studio for Companies.

Parents do not need a coding background to support their child on the Hatch platform. Our platform will teach and guide their child in their learning. We suggest 30-60 minutes of set up time at the beginning, much like when your child opens up a new toy and then 10 minutes a week, much like when your child has an extracurricular activity, to check-in and see how they are doing. Hatch has a great "How to Start" page which is linked to in various places, including here:

What happens once my company signs up for Hatch Studio for Companies?

  1. Your company rep will share the company sign up page where you can sign up and receive the 20% discount after the two week free trial period.
  2. A Hatch Engagement Specialist will work with your company team to grow your members and foster team engagement for the duration of your companies’ participation. 


5. Company Throw Downs and Internal Competition

What's a Company Throw Down?

If you are having fun with Hatch, we have leaderboards to inspire additional learning. These leaderboards can be company vs. company, so if you have a preferred vendor, a friendly competitor (e.g. Walmart vs. Amazon, McDonald’s vs. Burger King), or just any other company that you know well, Hatch allows you to Throw Down with other organizations.

What about Internal Competition?

If you are having fun with Hatch, you can have internal teams compete against each other, e.g. office vs. office, department vs. department or any other combination you can think of. It’s all in the spirit of inspiring more learning.

6. Explore Hatch Projects
etch_n_sketch_2 Check out what an 11-year-old Hatch User built into our "Etch-N-Sketch" project  -  they altered the code to allow the user to interact with it. 






Check out what a 15 year-old Hatch User did with our "Line Design" project - They substantially altered the code to make the effect of shine.

apocalypse_2 Check out what a 16 year-old Hatch User did with our "Apocalypse" project. We use a gamified approach to all our projects at Hatch.