Frequently Asked Questions

For Existing Hatch Customers


1. Help with My Account

Where can I find my parent and child's login information?

After signing up you should have received emails for both your parent and child’s login information (please check your spam folders). 

You can also find your student login information by following these steps:

1. Login here to your parent account

2. Click on "My Students" in the top navigation bar

3. Click on "Login info"

I have logged in but can’t see the “Projects” and have a different dashboard than in the Getting Started video

You’ve likely logged into your parent dashboard and not into your child’s dashboard.

To see the Projects, please follow these steps:

1. Login here to your parent account

2. Click on "My Students" in the top navigation bar

3. Click on "Login info" to find your child’s account and login information

You can also review Hatch’s Getting Started Page to view resources, sign up for our Office Hours and next steps to get started. 

2. Booking My 1:1 Meeting with Hatch

I’ve accepted the 1:1 meeting invitation but didn’t get one this week. Help!

The invitation is only sent once, but you can find the Zoom join link in your calendar or in the initial invitation. This will be the link for all of your 1:1 meetings.

I’ve missed my 1:1 meeting, can I reschedule?

There are no reschedules for cancelled meetings for any reason. If you give your coach at least 48 hours notice, and if your coach has availability and is willing, then at the sole discretion of the coach, a meeting can be moved. Otherwise, you will miss your meeting and it will not be made up. 

Please email your coach and only your coach to set this up.


3. Managing Your Subscription

How can I upgrade/cancel my subscription?

After signing up you should receive an email with your parent account login information. You can log in and click on “Manage subscription” to cancel, upgrade or downgrade at any time.

When does my subscription upgrade, downgrade or cancel take place? How does it work?

The changes are effective immediately after you initiate it. For downgrading your plan, the system will credit your remaining balance and apply it to your next month's subscription.

Is there any cancellation fee?

No, we would never do that to you. 

Can I save money on my subscription if I refer a friend to Hatch?

Yes! You can get free weeks added to your subscription if you refer friends. Find the details in our Hatch Referral Program.