Frequently Asked Questions

Considering Hatch Studio for your Family


1. Why Hatch?

What will Hatch offer my child?

  • Access to 600+ projects accompanied by thousands of challenges 
  • 1,800+ extensions and 50+ themes to choose from 
  • Progressive and self-paced learning how to read & write code
  • Individual feedback from a Hatch Coach on all submitted assignments and 1:1 virtual meetings (should you choose this level of support)
  • Opportunity to learn and connect with other Hatch Kids during our daily live Virtual Classroom from 3-4 pm

Why Hatch for learning to code?

All coding classes teach computational logic. Some teach computational thinking. Hatch teaches both of these, plus 3 other skills of being a well-rounded programmer:

  • How to translate ideas into code
  • How to do independent research to solve their own coding difficulties
  • Communication skills and how to work in a team (through group work)

These last 3 skills are the ones engineering managers most want when they hire new junior employees. You may or may not be thinking about the job prospects of your child yet (especially if they are under 10 yrs), but it’s a good idea to have at least one activity your child is doing that directly translates into skills for the future.

2. About The Service

If I don't know how to code, will my kid still be able to learn coding by using the Hatch platform alone?

Definitely! Our platform teaches and guides your kid. 

Here’s what we recommend to ensure your kid has a successful coding experience with Hatch:

  • Spend 30 minutes with your kid getting to know our platform through our Getting Started guide
  • Ensure your kid sets aside a minimum of 90 minutes of coding learning a week
  • Set a minimum number of projects and challenges for your kid to complete

Example Guidelines in one coding session: 

1 project and challenge for students ages 6-9 

2 projects and challenges for students ages 9-11 

3 projects and challenges for students 12+ years 

  • If you sign up for weekly meetings, have your kid complete the check-ins 
  • Let your kid struggle - allow them time to figure out their ideas 
  • If they get stuck, get them to complete a project at “Type What You See” level - where your kid can break the coding problem down and see the actual code

What is the ideal age for Hatch Studio for Families?

Hatch is designed for kids 8 to 18. Children younger than 8 can try it out as long as they have sufficient typing skills to be successful.

What support will my kid get in their learning on the Hatch platform? 

All Hatch students can use the “I Need Help” button (which is available in all Hatch projects) at any time to ask our Instructors questions and help with tricky coding problems.

Free Daily Virtual Classroom Sessions with a Hatch Instructor to learn alongside other Hatch Kids.

If you sign up for the Dedicated or Serious Package, then you will also have weekly 1:1 virtual check-ins with a Hatch Instructor to assist with coding challenges and guidance on which projects are best suited for their skill level.

Is there a way to track my kid’s progress?

Yes, in your parent dashboard you can track how many points they have, how many projects/challenges have been completed, and view the feedback notes given from Hatch Instructors.

Please view our demo and how to get started guide to explore what your parent dashboard will look like.

Will the Hatch software work on any device or is it just for desktop use?

The Hatch platform works across all devices and browsers. We recommend using a keyboard, mouse, and Chrome as your browser.

3. Sign Up & Subscription

Which package should I choose?

It’s up to you to decide and will depend on the support level that your kid needs.

All packages provide access to Hatch’s 600+ projects from the comfort of home accompanied by thousands of Challenges and all student work is marked by a Hatch Instructor.

Below are the difference details:

Casual package

  • Written-only feedback and questions between Hatch Instructor and student within the platform 

Dedicated package:

  • Written feedback + Weekly virtual check-in Meetings with a Hatch Instructor for 15 minutes

Serious package:

  • Written feedback + Weekly virtual Meetings with a Hatch Instructor for one hour to solve coding problems 

Will my credit card be charged when I sign up for the FREE 2 week trial?

Nope! You’ll have to provide your credit card to sign up for the free trial, but it won’t be charged until after the 2 weeks. Should you decide to cancel before the 2 weeks, you won’t be charged a fee.

Can I manage my subscription from my end? Are there any cancellation fees?

You can log in to your parent dashboard and cancel, upgrade or downgrade anytime with no fees, and the changes will be reflected immediately.

If you downgrade your plan, your balance will be credited towards your next monthly subscriptions.

If I sign up for more than one kid, do you give family discounts?

Yes, you’ll get 2 weeks free, one week for each child. So your second monthly payment will be due 5 weeks after the first payment (adding the free week on to each child’s subscription). 

If I refer a friend can I get a discount on my subscription?

Yes! You can get free weeks added to your subscription - Check out the Hatch Referral Program.

4. Explore Hatch Projects
etch_n_sketch_2 Check out what an 11-year-old Hatch User built into our "Etch-N-Sketch" project  -  they altered the code to allow the user to interact with it. 






Check out what a 15 year-old Hatch User did with our "Line Design" project - They substantially altered the code to make the effect of shine.

apocalypse_2 Check out what a 16 year-old Hatch User did with our "Apocalypse" project. We use a gamified approach to all our projects at Hatch.