Game Jam


What is a Game Jam? 

A Game Jam allows people to create interesting and fun games within a time constraint. These are similar to Hackathons but coders create games, not applications. 

Hatch coders are a little younger than those that participate in normal Game Jams, so we have given a longer duration (4 weeks) to finish their game! Students can submit as a team or as individual. You are allowed to submit more than once, but can only win one time! 


Game Jam - 2


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What are the Prizes? 

Who can participate in the Game Jam? 

All existing Hatch Studio users who are currently enrolled in Hatch can participate. The Game Jam is intended for users under 18. You can participate in your team group or form your own Game Jam team! You can get help from your team and individual coach to help with the creation, but your coach is not allowed code for you. 


How many people can be on a team?

Teams can be 1-4 students. If you are currently part of a Hatch Team Coding team, your group can be any size. You are allowed to use your meeting time to create your team coding project.


How long does the Game Jam last? 

The Game Jam will be 4 weeks in length. Game Jam showcase projects will be available to start on Feb 1st and will need to be submitted by Feb 28th.


How can I participate in the Game Jam?

Pick some friends, choose a Game Jam showcase and submit it before Feb 28th. 

Morphing Square

How will the Game Jam be judged?

This will be judged using the Game Jam grading criteria. Judges will be selected from the Hatch Team to judge the event. Teams will be given a rating based on each of the categories in the criteria.

Teams should try their best to get the highest score, but meeting all of the requirements is not needed to win!

Are there levels of the competition? 

There are 2 Levels to participate in: Visual Category (for beginner coders) or a Game Category (for advanced coders).

*To enter the Advanced category it is recommended that you have already completed at least 1 medium or hard showcase.


How do I Sign Up?  

You can participate by creating a Game Jam showcase in the Hatch Platform. This will be available for access from the Feb 1st start date.

All Hatch users are eligible to participate. To enter a submission you must complete and submit your project on the Hatch platform by Feb 28th . You will be able to find these projects in the Advanced Project section in Group Projects in the student dashboard.