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Give the gift of programming literacy.

The software we use in our classes, Hatch Studio, is based on five years of research and development about how students learn computer programming. The millions of data points we've gathered have helped us to create 26 learning levels in Hatch Studio (the software used in Hatch Prime classes) and influenced the development of Hatch Studio P (the software used for Hatch Alpha classes). Input from hundreds of teachers has also helped us to craft Studio

And—when you learn at home with Hatch —you're getting more than just an engagement experience: you are getting genuine skill and competency development that truly aligns with the economy of the next 20 years.

We've built Hatch based on the learning journey of today's software engineers. We asked "What skills did today's engineers learn to get to where they are today?" and then created an approach to learning that mimic this.

That alignment makes the work done by young students all the more remarkable. Our software is making it possible for students as young as 7 to become genuinely programming literate.

Technology is influencing the future. Real-world skills lead to real-world success: enrol your children today.

Hatch 2020 Learn to Read and Write Code

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In a swipe obsessed world, we are here to teach some old fashioned skills—including typing. We'll work with you to help students achieve solid typing skills: it's a necessary precursor to genuine computer programming.


Hatch Prime classes are destined for any students who can type who want to learn how to read and write code. In a Hatch Prime class, students will use Hatch Studio JS to work on programming literacy related to user experience, design, and general app development - anything with a visual output.


Hatch Alpha classes are an intellectual trampoline to data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence. In Alpha, the focus is on programming literacy related connected to complex math concepts. The lowest level entry point requires grade 4 math.