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The breaks you need

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  • For Parents of Children With ASD
  • From the beginning, Hatch Coding's products and services have been deliberately designed to facilitate teaching and learning computer programming to those who are old enough to touch type: including children with ASD. 

    We are proud to have worked with children and youths with ASD at private schools such as Wildwood and Bright Start Academy. We are also proud to say that children and youths with ASD attend regular weekly classes (and sometimes camps) at our three learning centres. 

    The feedback we have from children with ASD is glowing. Hatch students with ASD tend to take Hatch Prime classes because they provide a lot of choice and permit a lot of personalization. They also really enjoy the way Prime classes are centred around our scaffolded software, Studio JS; they love everything about Studio JS, including its coding levels.

    If you have a child with ASD, please be in touch. 

    We want to discuss your child's needs, what your child can expect, and give you a discount on Typing, Prime, or Alpha classes. You also have the option of attending class with your child, if that's what makes the greatest amount of sense for your family.

    While we'd love to have your child participate in camp, and to offer you a discount, our first priority is ensuring a good fit in the learning environment. We want happy and secure students and campers and, sadly, our camps may not always be suitable to the needs of children with ASD—but let's talk.


    The recap

    • Contact us if you have a child with ASD who is interested in taking Typing, Prime, or Alpha classes. We will discuss your child's needs and set up a plan of action.
    • Attend class with your child if that makes the greatest amount of sense.
    • We will discount the classes:

      Typing $80/month
      Prime $110/month
      Alpha $190/month



  • Sibling & Family Discount
  • We know that the little things matter and that costs add up—especially when you've got children. As a token of our appreciation for your valued loyalty, we offer a 5% discount to siblings and family members (including adults) who enrol in a Hatch Coding camp or class.
  • 6 Months Commitment Pricing
  • A 6 month commitment to classes at one of our centres comes with a monthly rebate of roughly 15% during that period of time—because we like it when you stick around longer. 

    But please keep in mind that if you need to end your enrolment prior to the end of the 6 Month Commitment, we will charge you the difference between the 6 Month Commitment price and the Cancel Anytime price. For example, if you end an enrolment in Hatch Prime after 2 months, but you've committed to 6 months of Prime classes, we will charge you an additional $25 for each month of classes taken (a pro-rated charge).  

    The recap

    We'll reward you for ongoing patronage over the course of 6 months, but you need to remain committed in order to keep the 15% monthly rebate.

  • HST Exemption
  • We provide real learning outcomes with our camps, classes, and software—really.

    So much so, that we've demonstrated a genuine alignment with Ontario's grade 11 and grade 12 Computer Science curriculum and received a Canada-wide HST exemption as a result.

    So, when you purchase camps, classes, or software, not only are you purchasing real skill and competency development, with us, you also pay 13% less than you do at other coding centres. Win-win!


From all the parents at Hatch to all the Hatch parents: we want to make your lives easier.

We are committed to ongoing improvements and growth not just in our camps, classes, and software—but also in our customer service.

Please contact us with ideas about how we can improve your customer experience. We'd love to hear from you.