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Learn At Home. Learn in Weekly Center Classes. Learn During Camps.

From $15 / month to $300 / month, get personalized attention as you learn from home, launching in January 2020.

Prime @ Home: visual programming for ages 8+, leads to building games, websites, mobile apps. Four options:

Parent & Child $15 / mo You mark your child's projects (with a guide from us).
Marking & Feedback $30 / mo We'll mark your or your child's projects and give personal feedback.
Weekly Check-ins $75 / mo We mark. We give feedback. We offer a 1:1 check-in every week to go over progress and to decide what to work on for the upcoming week (similar to piano lessons)
1:1 Instruction time $190 / mo Everything above, plus regular 1:1 instruction time to help solve individual coding problems 


Alpha @ Home: non-visual, math-focused programming for ages 11+, leads to data science & machine learning. Two options:

Weekly Check-ins $125 / mo As above, but for non-visual math-based content.
1:1 Instruction time $300 / mo As above, but for non-visual math-based content.


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$240 - $570 for 8 week courses, $360 - $870 for 12 week courses: weekly, in-person learning at a Hatch Center.

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Class Visits


$300 - $450. Half Day and Full Day. Two weeks of March Break Camp (March 9-13 and March 16-20) and ten weeks of Summer Camp (June 29 - Sept 4) to build skills and have fun.

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Goals and Finish Lines

If you learn with Hatch for multiple years, you will have a) interviewing success, b) the ability to get a tech job and / or c) better choices for college & university. We help you build projects that allow you to tell stories about teamwork, challenges solved, working with good and bad teammates, technical know-how and expertise in reading and writing code. Meaningful stories mean better interview, jobs and options for the future.

Hatch Prime— JavaScript and Python with Visual Output

Hatch Prime teaches the 5 core competencies of the well rounded programmer. Projects range from very simple for the complete beginner to advanced for the skilled programmer. The end result is typically a visual one: drawings, animation, games, simulations, charts, etc.

Hatch Alpha— Python, Math, and Non-Visual Output

Hatch Alpha teaches the 5 core competencies of the well rounded programmer. The projects are non-visual and have a focus on mathematics skills, delivering a 6th competency: skills with numbers and complex calculations. Alpha is a path to Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

Thank you for being a part of our community. Here's what to expect:

Professional Teachers Every Hatch Experience is run by a professional teacher with a B.Ed or an M.Ed.
Skills Reports Parents and students will see progress made towards fully participating in the economy of the next 20 years.
Lots and lots of feedback The core of the Hatch Experience is building creative projects and getting personalized feedback with every step.
Make Friends in Class All classes have grade bands: connect with classmates who are close in age.
Multiple Programming Languages Learn in both JavaScript and Python or specialize in one.