Product Summary

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Learning, growing, and fun are inseparable—and offered year-round. 
Come build a toolbox of skills to shape the future.



$ 370-590/Wk


$ 135-290/Mo

  • Typing $135
  • Prime 6 Month Commitment* $145
  • Prime Cancel Anytime $170
  • Alpha 6 Month Commitment $245
  • Alpha Cancel Anytime $290
  • Sibling Discount 5%


$ 200-250/Mo

Thank you for being a part of our community.

*What you need to know about 6 Month Commitment prices.

Package Pick the package upon enrolment: that will be your price for 6 months.
Conditions As per our current policy, however, if you need to end your enrolment prior to the end of the 6 Month Commitment, we will charge you the difference between the 6 Month Commitment price and the Cancel Anytime price. For example, if you end an enrolment in Hatch Prime after 2 months, but you've committed to 6 months of Prime classes, we will charge you an additional $25 for each month of classes taken (a pro-rated charge).