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Hatch's software teaches you how to read and write code...

anywhere, anytime.


Every time you are stuck. Every time you complete some work. Personal feedback to move forward. Applies only to Casual, Dedicated, and Serious customers.

Goal Tracking

A 1:1 meeting to discuss what you are working on and what you could work on next. Applies only to Dedicated and Serious customers.

1:1 Instruction

1:1 via phone or chat with Hatch expert who helps you with any challenge in reading or writing code. Applies only to Serious customers.

Thank you for being a part of our community. Here's what to expect:

Create a Portfolio Like an artist, you will create a portfolio of software projects. That's how you show off your skills.
Personal Feedback Every activity, project or challenge will be given qualitative feedback by a member of the Hatch team.
5 Core Competencies A well rounded programmer does more than just code. You will learn every part of building software.
Make Friends in Class Our daily Virtual Classroom allows you to share your most creative projects and connect with others.
Multiple Programming Languages Learn in both JavaScript and Python or specialize in one.


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