Hatch Studio - Python

Develop programming literacy with Python to practice skills needed in data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

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Depth and breadth of mathematical reasoning accompanying the growth of programming literacy

Hatch Studio Python is designed to have students use mathematics and mathematical reasoning in their work. Economics and physics are not inherently mathematical, nor is baseball, but these disciplines and many others are enhanced by the applied use of mathematics within them. Similarly, mathematical reasoning is developed by its ongoing application in computer programming.

This integration of programming and mathematics develops programming literacy geared toward data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. As computer programming is an art, becoming programmatically literate means that students can be trained to write code for certain audiences and specific purposes; different types of writing draw on different forms of expression and different skills. Hatch Studio - Python is a new product that we are still working to improve and is currently in Beta. Check out Hatch Studio - JS to learn more about our original version of the platform. 


Minor Projects

Minor Projects are shorter pieces that draw on higher-order thinking. By completing them, students get practice in higher-order thinking, but information and problem-solving is chunked and more manageable.


Showcases each have a difficulty level. They are ranked on a scale of Easy, Moderate, and Hard. Students gain proficiency and will unlock harder and harder showcases and projects as they progress in the platform.

Math Reasoning

Python draws on both mathematical and computational reasoning. Integrating mathematical reasoning and knowledge with coding develops skills and competencies in both computing and maths.


Python hosts over 400 projects and Multiple Showcases

Prior to beginning work on a Showcase, students can complete multiple minor projects as they develop their coding skills. Students critically think to solve problems that may not be present in the JS version of the Hatch Studio. 

Students working in Hatch Studio Python develop skills needed in production level programming related to data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. All Projects develop parallel mathematical and computational reasoning abilities.