Start Coding with Hatch

Step 1: Login

Get your child's login info from your email or the parent dashboard and open . If your child is dedicated or serious sign up for their weekly meetings!

student login

Step 2: Do

Complete their first project hold a ball! Watch the video below for help! 


Step 3: Extend

Extend your first project and complete a challenge! Make sure to press submit on the project and challenge. 

Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 12.14.00 PM

Need more help for login and meetings?
Can't find your child's login info?

If you can’t find your child’s log info, then click here to log in with YOUR email address:

When you log in, you will see your child’s log information here. Your child’s default password is: hatch123

If you're still having difficulties, email us at to reset your password.

Pick your 1:1 Time with your coach:

If your child is a dedicated or serious user make sure they have selected their weekly time with their Hatch Instructor

Dedicated Meeting Sign Up

Serious Meeting Sign Up


Need more help for your first project?

For more support on how to complete projects, please check out our detailed Getting Started Guide and Reference Manual 

And don't forget to click the "I'm Finished" button to send your project off for marking.

Need more info about Project Challenges?
Why do the Challenges?

Project Challenges allow students to experiment with code and practice the skills they learn while finishing projects. They also get challenge points when they complete these! 

What do the points get you?

To unlock Level 2, your child will need to complete 4 projects and 4 challenges. After each project they get points and these points help to unlock more projects to choose from. 



Students pick a new project to do! 

Click on an interesting project card from the library. 


Complete the project they picked! 


Break down the project and just type the code in! Make sure you press submit!


Complete a challenge on the project! 

You will see your points when a coach marks their project! 

Need help picking out your next project?
How to start a new project:

1. In your dashboard, go to "Explore the Project Library".

2. Click a project to review the snapshot of it.

3. Click "Start Project".



Need help completing a project?
Tools in the platform

1. Click the button. This will break concepts down to an easier level. The easiest is where you see the code and type it in to the coding area. 

2. Click the button. This will explain each line of code of a project. 

3. Press the button and open the Hatch Reference Manual. This explains key coding concepts in easy to understand language. 

4. Click on the button and ask a question to a coach with the button. You will get a response within 24 hours about your coding problem. 

Why do the challenges for each project?
Why do the Challenges?

Project Challenges will give your child deeper learning into each project and the pay off is getting more bonus points. 

What do the points get you?

To unlock Level 2, your child will need to complete 4 projects and 4 challenges. After each project they get points and these points help to unlock more projects to choose from. 

How Do the Points Add Up?

Students need to earn more points to go up a level. Level 1 = 100 points, Level 2 = 300 points. 

As students get better they will finish projects at higher levels and earn more points per project. 

Students can code on their own but as parents you can help them on their coding journey.

Here are some additional tools and steps to help you. 

Virtual Classroom

Hatch offers a free daily coding class for all students.

image (6)

Join our awesome Hatch Instructor - Brenda - for an hour of learning and fun every weekday from 5-6 pm.

Sign up now!


Develop a Routine 

Hatch has created easy to use lesson plans to help you set goals and develop a routine for weekly coding. 


Click the Lesson plan to check these out. 

More Resources

Are you still looking for more information? Check out our additional resources. 

Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 5.43.24 PM-1

This includes an introduction webinar, office hours, a reference manual and more resources to ensure your success.

Why join the Virtual Classroom?
What you get with virtual classroom
  • An engaging 60 min. daily extracurricular for your child that will never run the risk of getting cancelled
  • Your children will have fun and socialize with other Hatch kids
  • Your children learn how to read and write code with a qualified Hatch Instructor

Sign up here, and you'll get the zoom meeting link sent to your inbox.

Ensure you only click the zoom link at 5 pm from Mon-Fri. 

Why develop a routine?
Children Need Structure

We can all agree that children need structure in their day to keep them on task. Set a schedule for the week that will give your child a minimum of 90 minutes for coding.

Set some guidelines

Example Guidelines in one coding session: 

1 project and challenge for students who are ages 6-9 

2 projects and challenges for students who are ages 9-11 

3 projects and challenges for students who are over 12 years old

Where do I find additional resources?

Explore our extensive resource page here.

What resources you will find:

  • Introduction to Hatch Studio (20 min video)
  • Sign up link for our daily Virtual Classroom sessions at 5 pm
  • Link to our Frequently Asked Questions page