Smart Start Math

A system to give your kid(s) an advantage for the future

For 5-10 minutes a day, 3-5 days a week, The Smart Start Math System (SSMS) will turn your kid into the smartest math student at their school.

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Caradoc Kuperman, age 9 ½, started when he was 3 1/2 years old with day 1, above.

He is getting a Grade 9 math credit and acing Waterloo math competitions for middle and high school students.

Cedric Kuperman, age 7, also started when he was 3 1/2 years from the same place.

He is finishing grade 6 math and on the first day of grade 1, he told us “I’m clearly the best student in our class”.

Caradoc and Cedric have followed a system of learning math at home which delivers:

• Straight A+ marks in mathematics
• Confidence that you are one of [if not the] best math students at your school
• A vehicle to open up new options in middle school and high school

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SSMS treats math as a fun superpower, with three levels of victory for you and your child:

Level 1 - I love math

Within the first year of SSMS, your child will at some point in time spontaneously say “Math is fun. I love it!” or something similar.

Level 2 - I'm the best student

When they arrive to grade school, they will notice that they are the best math student in their classroom, and likely the school (1-3 years).

Level 3 - I have a ton of options in high school

As they complete Grade 9 work, we will work with you to help your child take Grade 9 math as an official high school credit. This means that when they get to high school, your child will have 300+ extra hours to take on more interesting work, either more courses or more leadership opportunities.

These levels of victory result in widespread confidence in your child as a transferable life skill.

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Being ahead in math is a massive confidence boost!

Starting with only 25 minutes a week, ages 3-13, you can walk down the SSMS path to discover how math can be a fun superpower.

How it works

Your child works with SSMS in addition to school or your regular math instruction
Your child can immediately start working both at and above your age / grade level
Your child completes 1.25 to 1.5 years of math every year

Weekly Commitment

5-10 minutes per day, 3-5 days per week
Weekly completion milestones
Weekly email or text-based check-ins

Daily Process
4-7 total questions per day
All online with a tracking system
You (the parent) supervises and assists your child

SSMS is a system to get your kid thinking they are great at math. It is also a system to get them confident about life and their future.

SSMS is 100% personalized to each child.

Please contact with any questions or simply book  a parent interview:

Click Here to book a parent interview (ages 3-13).