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A lot happens on our software—students have fun, they smile, they laugh, they grow. Parents appreciate the skills being learned. Companies build community, gain bragging rights and party at our Showcase Galas.
We've had many students compete in computer programming competitions like the Canadian Computing Competition and weekend teenage hackathons—and come out on top.
But, our business is in teaching and learning, and as we've been very busy learning about how students learn computer programming, we haven't been very good about keeping tabs on individual stories. We're trying to change that, slowly collecting stories that have come back to us over the years, and being faster to share current ones.

So, some recent tales are posted on this page; more will join them. We're starting a couple of blog series too, just to keep you informed about what we have experienced since we started this journey. We are humbled by the spirit of learning that is emerging, and the parents and youths who support it. We are also grateful for every conversation we have with companies who are assuming the responsibility for helping to spread the word about a subject they are not experts in—for the sake of future workforce readiness. And we are excited for Computer Science teachers: adopting the fourth R will make them into creative coding experts, and we can't wait to see what that will bring.

Benjamin P.—Student Supporter

Hatch has amazing, caring staff who are always right there when I need help, although they don't necessarily tell us the answer: they explain and let us figure it out. Their project-based learning really brings coding to a new level.

Gerald H.—Proud Papa

Yesterday, Maxwell wrote the Canadian Computer Competition (Junior Level) from the University of Waterloo. He wrote with a dozen other students (all Grade 11 and 12 students who were taking computer science courses at the school. Maxwell was the only Grade 9 student from his high school and he had the highest score amongst everyone (60/75, 4 of the 5 questions correctly done). The supervising Computer Science teacher was shocked and surprised at his abilities and I can't begin to tell you how happy Maxwell was with his score. So thank you because his score is a direct result of the time he has spent learning coding at Hatch this past year and a half.

Pamela Q.—Happy Mom

My child LOVED the classes at Hatch. This is her third time taking classes on Thursday mornings and we are going to keep doing them if they offer them in the morning. She has about four more friends who want to join this morning class in Toronto for Spring. Thank you for everything!

Rafael F.—Doting Papa

Nicholas is really enjoying his experience at Hatch. I can see the methodology allows him to progress as his own pace and challenge him to keep advancing.

Karyn Y.—Mom

Coding is the future: especially with technology advancing. Every child should learn. They won't have a problem finding a good job.

Dali V.—Mom

My son is absolutely enjoying his Hatch Coding experience and enjoys working independently at home too. Thanks!

Shery P.—Mom

My daughter really enjoys everything about the program and everything is so interesting to her.

Neil C.—Dad

My son keeps asking to come back!

Trudy H.—Happy Mama

My daughter is engaged and loves what she is doing and creating!!

Hunter T.—Dad

Calm atmosphere with challenging & fun projects. Kids can work at their own pace and when stuck ask experienced computer techies their questions, which are broken down and clearly described. Kids can learn independently which my son likes.

Jeff C.—Father

My daughter had a blast and made some good friends while learning the very basics of coding.

Faadil P.—Father

My son really enjoyed it. It helped improve his concentration, maths and computing skills. He enjoyed all his projects and rewards on completion

Theresa G.—Mom

I’ve already recommended you to friends... very happy with your program for my child.

Shweta B.—Mom

It makes my child think and brainstorm.

Lan S.—Mother

When my kid codes, he felt like he is making a game by himself and also learnt typing.

Raymond H.—Dad

Hatch instructors are conscientious and thoughtful and my boys learn a lot from them, this is their second year doing coding.

Kwamina D.—Father

Great customer service!

Michelle B.—Mother

My son always tells me that he really enjoys his time at Hatch. I believe that coding will be a huge asset to his learning and life in the years to come.

Grace N.—Inspired Mom

Awesome experience, caring teachers.

Abdullah N.—Pleased father

1. My son has tried different coding classes and by far, Hatch is the best. He finds it teaches him proper understanding and skills to learn real coding, as opposed to “cheat” coding like scratch. Hatch is the only place he will go to code. 2. My daughter fell in love with coding after her first camp morning. We had no idea she would have any interest, and now she can’t stop. Compared to what she learns in her school computer class, her teacher says she is far ahead of anything they are doing in class.

Donna D.—Pleased mother

Teaches kids valuable skills in a fun way.