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Coding Literacy Initiative: Work Perk Supporting Employee Parents

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Positively impact your company's future workforce and your employee community.

Hatch will boost your company's corporate culture by building a stronger community among parent employees. We offer an engaging learning platform for kids ages 6-18, so that your employees can work from home more effectively. Hatch's expert 1 on 1 coaching will guide each child on their coding journey through our 600+ project platform.

Your employees and their kids will get to have fun - while learning to read and write code! 

Read more about the Hatch & Kinaxis Partnership where the Chief HR Officer of Kinaxis launched this initiative to support its employees across 21 countries. Or listen to the podcast:

Adult Coding Instruction: Tech for Non-Tech Initiative

Hatch is supporting organizational capability by providing an introduction to coding workshops for adult employees. This is giving SaaS sales reps and other non-tech employees more back-end product knowledge and management more common language with tech-teams.

To explore partnership opportunities with Hatch, contact us: 

Phone: +1 647-809-9496

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What Our Company Partners Are Saying About Hatch

“This was a no-brainer for us at EllisDon, we are poised to give opportunities for parents to connect with their kids through these challenging times. Nothing is more important to me than that. Thanks, Hatch Coding for this wonderful employee benefit.”

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Paul Trudel
EllisDon, SVP HR


We wanted to offer a benefit that would help parents and their families. We felt that Hatch provided a creative outlet for their kids while building skills for the future. From a longer-term perspective, it helps our talent pool, as a software company, we want more coding everywhere.”

Megan Paterson
Kinaxis, Chief HR Officer