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Coding camp is awesome

Learning leadership at the same time is even better

  • An Average Day at Hatch Camp
  • 9 am to 10:30 am — Coding Session*
    10:30 am to 11 am — Break, Snack, Board Games, Fun
    11 am to 12:00 pm — Coding Session 2

    12: 00 to 1:00 pm — Lunch (bring your lunch and water bottle)

    1:00 pm to 2:30 pm — Tech Leadership Session* 
    2:30 pm to 3:00 pm — Break, Snack, Board Games, Fun
    3:00 pm to 4:00 pm — Tech Leadership Session 2

    This schedule is used for March Break Camp and Summer Camp only. Winter Camp follows a different format. 

    *This is only an example. Students enrolled in a full-day Hatch camp will sometimes do their Coding Sessions in the afternoon and Tech Leadership Sessions in the morning. Our Camp Supervisors decide how to start a day based on a variety of factors.


  • Coding Camp
  • During coding sessions, campers start with small 3-5 line coding projects and build up from there. Each project has lots of support and scaffolding to offer a gradual release of responsibility while allowing kids to work in their zone of proximal development (i.e. what they are ready for today).

    In any 90 minute session, campers can complete 2-4 of these projects, giving them a lot of wins along the way. Studio JS, our learning software used for Hatch Prime Camp, has 26 learning levels and kids see progress from day to day throughout the week. 

    Studio P, which forms the basis of Hatch Alpha Camp has campers doing 20 hours of work on Minor Projects over the course of one week of camp. We strongly recommend registering for two weeks of Hatch Alpha Camp so that campers can also complete a Major Project that showcases independent knowledge and understanding.

    Teens UP Camp is an opportunity for teens to be with other teens while they become programming literate with JavaScript or Python and hone their leadership skills.

  • Tech Leadership Camp
  • Tech Leadership Camp nurtures better communication, cooperation, problem-solving, public speaking—and leadership.

    At the beginning of the week, campers choose from a library of case studies. They work collaboratively in groups of 2-4 to complete Mini Missions and a Super Mission to solve a major problem. The problems tackled are local to international in scope and touch on human, environmental, animal, business, and technological issues. As they work on their missions, campers also engage in a range of team building and public speaking activities.


  • Industry Visits
  • Throughout a week of camp, kids engage in thinking, problem-solving, creativity, and authentic experiences.

    For full-day campers attending our Summer Camp*, we try to top off every week with a Friday visit to an industry partner so that campers get a taste of what's possible in the world of work. Unfortunately, Industry Partners sometimes cancel last minute due to project management deadlines. So, while we can't guarantee an industry visit as part of the camp experience, we can tell you that since starting them in 2015, 94.7% of visits have gone through successfully.

    In fact, some of the industry partners that we visit are also featured in case studies used for our Tech Leadership camp. Past industry visits have included trips to Mozilla, Uken Games, and the DMZ.

    *Industry visits are scheduled during Summer Camp only.

  • Half-Day or Full-Day
  • Full-Day
    When you enrol in a full-day of camp, half the day is spent programming in a Hatch PrimeHatch Alpha, or Teens UP program and half the day is spent developing public speaking and leadership skills in our Tech Leadership program.
    Or, enrol in a half-day option: Hatch Prime CampHatch Alpha Camp, Teens UP Camp, or Tech Leadership Camp.
  • Summer Camp
  • Learn more about our Summer Camp.
  • Pricing
  • Please see our pricing page for details on camp costs.
  • Reducing or Cancelling Your Child’s Stay at a Hatch Camp
  • Summer Camp
    You may choose to reduce your child’s stay at any time. Up until May 31st you will receive a full refund on camp fees. Cancellation or reduction at any other time is subject to the following fees:

    Time of Year

    Cancellation Fee


     50% of Fee


     No Refund

    Days missed for any reason cannot be refunded.

    Winter & March Break Camp
    There are no refunds for either Winter or March Break Camp.

Hatch Camp for kids

No shortcuts, no flash. We offer real learning opportunities and develop real skills that campers take pride in, at great value.

Camp is a time for growth and friendship. Kids (7+ years old), pre-teens, and teens will enjoy working with Hatch Studio software to create real-world computer programs. Guided by enthusiastic staff, they'll also enjoy developing public speaking and leadership skills in our half-day Tech Leadership program. 

At Hatch Camp, half the day is spent programming in a Hatch PrimeHatch Alpha, or Teens UP* program and half the day is spent developing public speaking and leadership skills in our Tech Leadership program. 
We deliver skills to create: project-based learning with lots of choice to engage your child and develop programming competencies. Campers walk away with a toolbox of skills to shape the future.

*Teens UP Camp is not being offered for March Break Camp