Team Coding Adventure

#Build Tech Skills and Make New Friends

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Kids 8-18 (adults are welcome too!) Learn to code with a coach during 6+ hours of weekly classes. Practice with our library of 600+ projects, collaborate on teams of 3-6 to build cool group projects, and make new friends. 

Coding Quests

Coding 101: Dragon Quest

Start your coding journey by learning the basics. Code fun projects with a group of kids at your skill level. Boost your coding skills and help your team rescue the Hatch dragon.

Coming this Fall: Treasure Quest

Extend your skills developed in the Dragon Quest with a brand new adventure! Learn advanced keywords and syntax to program like the pros! Who knows - you might even find some hidden treasure along the way.

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What is the Weekly Schedule?

1. Dedicated Team students will meet with coaches for 15 minutes per week and Serious Team students will meet weekly with coaches for 60 minutes.

2. All team students will meet with their coach for 1 Hour of Team coding time. 

3. Students can join a daily virtual classroom with kids from across Canada. 

4. Independent coding time facilitated with coach marking and online feedback. 



60 minute weekly team meeting with your Hatch coach

Virtual Coding Class, Monday to Friday 3-4 pm

Individual weekly coding time with your Hatch Coach

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Awesome Group Projects 


Here are some examples of group projects and the code created by students without prior coding experience. The concepts were based on what the groups thought would be fun! 

Students get to choose their own topics and use coding knowledge to meet requirements. 

Check out how kids code together





What Hatch Parents are Saying

My son always tells me that he really enjoys his time at Hatch. I believe that coding will be a huge asset to his learning and life in the years to come.


Michelle B

Hatch Mother

My son has tried different coding classes and by far, Hatch is the best. He finds it teaches him proper understanding and skills to learn real coding, as opposed to “cheat” coding like scratch. 

Group 29

Abdullah N

Hatch Dad