Frequently Asked Questions

Considering Hatch Studio for Team Coding?

1. What is Hatch Coding?

Learn about our Hatch Story and what our platform offers. (10 min)


2. About the Program

What is Hatch Studio’s Team Coding Adventure?

Our Team Coding Quests give teams of 3-6 students the full Hatch Studio experience with our 600+ project platform while guiding each team on fun quests to unlock special group projects, challenges and bonus videos. 

They'll learn to read and write code, make new friends and build skills for the future.

It includes:

  • A weekly virtual 1 on 1 check-in for 15 minutes with a Hatch Team Coach with a Dedicated Team signup and 60 minutes with a Serious Team signup
  • A weekly one-hour virtual team meeting where the team gets together, shares big wins, builds friendships and plans their group projects with their Hatch Team Coach
  • A daily virtual coding class where you can learn new skills
  • Weekly goals for individual coding time to make progress with reading and writing code

All skill levels are welcome and groups are matched by age and ability by Hatch coaches.


What’s the time commitment from my child?

3+ hours (1-2 hours of facilitated coding time with a coach, 1-2 hours of individual coding time)

  • 1 hour a week with a coach and all team members 
  • 15 minutes or 1 hour with a coach based on your subscription level 
  • Optional virtual classroom for an addition 5 hours a week of coach time 
  • Students should be coding on their own as well, 1+ hours a week


How much time will be required of me, as a parent?

We recommend you spend 30 minutes getting your child logged in and set up (we send you support emails with how to do all of this) and then 10 minutes a week to help manage your child’s dedicated coding time schedule, much like every other activity.


How do I sign up?

Team Coding Adventure is included in both our Dedicated Team ($140/month) and Serious Team ($240/month) plans. See here for the details of each plan and to sign up.

You will be billed monthly.

Already a Hatch member?

For Casual & Dedicated subscribers: You'll need to upgrade your subscription. Click here to upgrade.

For Serious subscribers: You will have access to our Fall program.
Please email and confirm that you want to participate.


Can I sign up anytime?

Yes. There is no signup deadline, registrations are on a rolling basis and teams will be matched by skill level.

What is the schedule of the session? What are you going to be doing week to week?

Every week there is:

  • 1-hour weekly team coding time with a coach and all team members 
  • 15 minutes or 1 hour with a coach one on one (based on your subscription level - 15 min for Dedicated Team & 1 hour for Serious Team) 
  • Optional daily virtual classroom for an addition 5 hours a week of coach time 
  • Students should be coding on their own as well, 1-3 hours a week

How do the teams work together?

The team makes progress with a weekly team meeting During each individual weekly check-in, the Hatch coach (common to all team members) will update all students on what is happening with the team. When there is a group project, the Hatch coach will coordinate the work through the individual weekly check-ins. And then, on the team meeting, everyone gets together, celebrates wins, picks what to work on, and bonds together.

Curriculum: What will the team do every week?

Students will be completing projects on the platform to learn coding skills and applying these skills learned in their group projects. 

Their projects can be on any topic that the students choose but will involve specific computational logic skills. (Example week 1 variables)

Each project will take 1-2 weeks depending on the group and their skill level. This involves alternating between periods of learning individually and doing a group project.

How many kids are in a class and what's the teacher-student ratio?

Teams will consist of 3-6 students, with a max 6:1 ratio. Everyone is participating from home.

Virtual Classroom is open for all participating Hatch users to join and learn new skills and meet other Hatch kids.


How is the Team Coding Adventure different from Hatch Studio?

  • Students work in teams
  • Assessment of coding skills in a team environment 
  • Complete projects connected to a storyline

Does my child need to know how to code?

No. We start everyone from the basics. They can progress at their own pace. If they have a coding or even a Hatch Coding background, it only means they may progress faster.

Will my kid be able to pick what they do or do all kids do the same thing?

One of Hatch’s core values is that every child is interested in different things, and thus every child’s coding projects should reflect their own creativity and imagination. Your child will build a portfolio of projects that are uniquely their own. All team projects will be unique to that team.

3. Subscription Info

Is there a discount for multiple siblings?

We offer a 5% discount for multiple siblings. Please email after your purchase to have this refunded from your original charge.


Can I refer a friend and get a discount?

We offer a 5% referral bonus for every person you refer to Hatch. Please have them include your name in the referral box on checkout and email if you have not received this bonus.


Do they need to have a laptop or is a tablet fine?

The Hatch platform works on any laptop or desktop computer and works best using a keyboard, mouse, and Chrome or Firefox.


Do they need to have their own email address?

Students do not need to have their own email address. They will get a Hatch specific user name.


What if my kid isn’t into it?

You can cancel at any time.


Do they need to know how to type?

Students need to type to use Hatch Studio. They do not need to know how to type going into the program. They can use the summer team event to work on and improve their keyboarding skills.

4. Online Code of Conduct

How can you ensure “no bullying”?

Upon signup, each coach will review our Online Code of Conduct with students and they must agree to abide by it to participate in the program. 

Every team has a dedicated Hatch coach to monitor and supervise the group. This will include checks for digital bullying, team meeting bullying and all other aspects of making sure your child feels safe, secure and welcome.


What if my kid is shy and is an introvert - how will they do in a group project?

Our coaches build a welcoming environment for all students. We understand that many children are shy. We ensure they can participate fully even if they are slow to open up to the group.


What if my child requires special accommodations?

Please share these necessary accommodations with your child's Hatch coach so they can accommodate and ensure your child has a pathway for success. 


If my kid is having trouble, who do I reach out to?

You can email at any time.

6. Already a Hatch Member?

How do I sign up if I'm already a member of Hatch?

To join Hatch's Team Coding Adventure, you'll need to upgrade your subscription if you're a Casual or Dedicated Member to Dedicated Team or Serious Team. 

Serious subscribers will have access to our Summer Team Event and can email us at to confirm that you want to participate.

Click here to upgrade your plan.


7. Explore Hatch Projects
etch_n_sketch_2 Check out what an 11-year-old Hatch User built into our "Etch-N-Sketch" project  -  they altered the code to allow the user to interact with it. 






Check out what a 15 year-old Hatch User did with our "Line Design" project - They substantially altered the code to make the effect of shine.

apocalypse_2 Check out what a 16 year-old Hatch User did with our "Apocalypse" project. We use a gamified approach to all our projects at Hatch.