The Fourth R Podcast

Learn about teacher and student experiences with Hatch Studio

Through a series of interviews with teachers, parents, and students we shed light on who can teach programming literacy, how students are motivated, and the skills and competencies that need development for proficiency to be achieved. We explore teaching backgrounds and how Studio software facilitates teaching and learning in both elementary school settings and secondary schools.

Podcast #1

Peter Kuperman interviews Wanda Gillis of Yarmouth, NS

Wanda Gillis is a high school teacher at Yarmouth Composite HS in Nova Scotia. A veteran visual arts teacher, Wanda stepped up to teach Grade 11 Computer Science when no one else would. She is teaching the only high school computer science class in the Tri-County school district. Listen to Peter's interview with Wanda to learn about her experiences teaching Grade 11 Computer Science with Studio software.

EPISODE 1: "It's like being able to read."
Podcast #2

Rebecca Tittarelli of Halton Catholic District School Board

Rebecca Tittarelli is a French teacher at St. Raphael's in Burlington, ON. Rebecca has also taught K-3 gym and science. Peter and Rebecca cover cross-curricular teaching, programming as the fourth R, and the big lessons students learn from programming. Rebecca tells Peter about how programming develops accountability and discusses using Hatch Studio both in her classes and in her coding club.

EPISODE 2: "They have ownership over it."
Podcast #3

Phil Reid of Roseneath Centennial in the KPRDSB talks life after blocks

Phil Reid has used block programming languages like Scratch with his younger students. He was looking for something "next level" for his older students and he's found it with Hatch Studio. Listen to Peter's interview with Phil to understand what prompted Phil to say "Hatch takes what I saw only happening at the high school level and breaks it down to an elementary school level where kids can engage in it; I think Hatch is wonderful."

EPISODE 3: "There's no limit to creativity."
Podcast #4

Former Hatch Studio student; student #63: Abe Arafat of UTS

Abe began programming with Hatch Studio software. He's acquitted himself well at both Ryerson's DMZ Social XChange competition and MaRSDD's Future Leader competition. He paid it forward by using Studio software to teach programming to Jordanian students through a local not-for-profit. Abe discusses the value of programming and how integral he believes it is to the future success of today's youths.

Episode 4: "It's criminally underrated."
Podcast #5

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Podcast #6

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