Keeping Students in the Zone of Proximal Development

Hatch Studio provides scaffolded growth opportunities that match individual student readiness to learn.

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Both Versions of Hatch Studio Nourish Hearts and Minds 

We understand that students grow by doing work in what is called the zone of proximal development—what many of us know more simply as guided work. When students can't do guided work, that's an indication that they aren't yet ready for the concepts being taught. When they can do the work independently, they're ready to learn more.

The space between those two scenarios is the zone of proximal development. To become highly competent in computer programming—as in every discipline—it is important to meet students where they are so that they are appropriately challenged.

We've designed our software and projects to meet a variety of different student needs and to give students and educators the freedom required to make learning and teaching decisions that make sense to them.

Our project-based learning software is the culmination of over four years of research and development. The goal of that work is simple: understand how novices learn computer programming in order to facilitate independence and high achievement in the field. 

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Students Learn at Their Own Pace

Hatch Studio facilitates the development of increasingly advanced skills and competencies

Hatch Studio hosts 600+ projects and thousands of Challenges—higher-order thought work. Showcases are labeled easy, Moderate, or Hard. In both Python and JavaScript students are doing guided work with a view toward increasingly advanced skill and competency development and high achievement in computer programming.

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Hatch Studio honours student agency, beginning where they are.

Providing choices in project completion contributes to student buy-in. We're pleased to make this possible in our project-based learning software. Students are able to learn concepts that will help them build the programs that matter most to them. 

Students determine the projects they want to complete.

While Hatch Studio is designed for utmost flexibility, allowing students to work alone, in pairs, in small groups, or as a class, the scaffolding built into the software helps students and teachers to stay in the zone of proximal development.