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How Hatch Coding Works

As a parent who understands the importance of technology and its role in our lives, you want to equip your kid with the best tools for the future. Hatch Coding offers a fully online program tailored to students from ages 8 to 18, and no prior coding experience is required. Kids learn coding like a literacy. 

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What Makes Hatch Special


We teach real Python and JavaScript, both universally used coding languages, through an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that replicates how real-world coders work. We believe that exposing kids to coding at a young age helps them to build a strong foundational understanding of coding, translate their ideas into actionable code, express their creativity, and most importantly, become confident as they grow these skills. While your child learns with Hatch they have numerous opportunities for success.


Personalized Courses

1:1 session with a professional Hatch coach where student get personalized feedback within 24 hours.

Explore and Experience

Code your own way with 600+ projects with themes like Minecraft, sports and more. Learn when and where you want with a community of coders.

Real-World Skills

Learn full language coding in JavaScript and Python while learning the 5 key soft skills of programming.

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Subscription Levels 

There are 3 subscription levels to ensure your child has access to the support they need.

Self-Starter: Ideal students are 10+ years old, who can self motivate, manage their time, and learn on their own. Each student gets individual feedback and marking on every project they complete so that they can target the exact areas for improvement and maximize their time on the platform. With complete access to the entire platform, the sky's the limit.

Private: This is perfect for students who will benefit from guidance from a certified coach. Our coaches know how to motivate students who might otherwise find the process too difficult or challenging to do by themselves. This is our most popular program, and includes a weekly 30 minute meeting with a coach where we ensure each lesson aligns with the student’s interests and skill level. 

Team: This is perfect for kids who love being part of a team. Not only do they get an additional 1 on 1 coaching session, but they also have group classes with other students to learn and interact with while working on projects. Through coding in a team, they will learn from their peers and understand how other students problem-solve when faced with challenges.

All 3 levels of students will also have access to our general classes that are conducted daily (Mon-Fri).


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Stories of Student Success

What Parents are Saying

"My kid has been really enjoying his classes at Hatch. He thinks his coach is fun and engaging, and he's always telling me about his new projects."

 Ramesh Ramesh L.
Proud Parent

"Hatch has been great for my daughter so far. She loves making new things using code and I love seeing her express her creativity with all her different projects!"

SarahSarah T.
Mom of Creative Coder

"My son and daughter each have a coach and they've really benefited from it. I'm really happy with how supportive and experienced their coaches are."  

John John G.
Impressed Dad

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