Code, Create, Earn for Ages 8-18

Kids and teens (ages 8-18) use our award winning Studio software to learn authentic skills in Computer Science. Through 5 core competencies in JavaScript or Python, students go from their first day of coding to their first job in tech. We call these Superpowers... but only for the students. $840 every week is given out through weekly contests.

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When students build projects they love, they learn exponentially more

With 5.1K+ JavaScript and Python projects and challenges to choose from in the Studio library, students experience real choice, and real growth. Choice brings engagement. Engagement brings more learning. Learning brings skills to shape the future.

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What parents and partners say

Instructors help kids build skills and confidence

“My kids have taken classes with Hatch Coding for multiple years, progressing through camps and classes to having an internship and cementing their technology prowess. The instructors are extremely capable and great at encouraging their students to build their skills and confidence.”

Helen Rosenfeld, Exec Director, Massachusetts Science & Engineering Fair

Hatch Coding, an easy yes, delivers coding fluency

“If a perk benefits my employees, then it’s an automatic yes. Go-karting? Bowling? No. Coding Fluency? Yes. Hatch Coding was an easy and automatic yes.”

John Sicard, CEO, Kinaxis

My son’s delight in coding inspires me—he wants to be a programmer

"The way the instructor goes through projects in detail is really helpful.  My son now understand coding concepts at a whole new level. His obvious delight in coding has inspired me. Because of Hatch, he said he wants to be a programmer when he grows up! In our group, it was neat to see kids at very different levels of coding all get something out of the the program!"

Elin Searfoss, Director and IT Lead, CNVC

Hatch Coding prepares kids for the future of work

"As the father of two boys who have enjoyed Hatch Coding, I can attest to the impact that Hatch has on preparing kids for the future of work. Gaining familiarity with the core concepts of software engineering is essential - and Hatch delivers on the promise!”

Asheesh Advani, Global Non-Profit Leader

...eventually, the creativity of the projects had her hooked

“My son immediately loved the freedom and autonomy of the learning system. My daughter was a harder sell but eventually the creativity of the projects had her hooked. Only Hatch Coding had a combination of self-paced study, a deep library of projects, and skilled instructors. My kids love it.”

April Dunford, 7X Tech VP Marketing, Global Thought Leader

Parents can connect with their kids & help their future careers

“This was a no brainer for us at EllisDon. During Covid lockdowns, we were able to give opportunities for parents to connect with their kids—and help their future careers. Nothing is more important to me than that. Thanks Hatch Coding for this wonderful employee benefit.”

Paul Trudel, SVP HR, EllisDon

Start learning with Hatch!

Their future starts here—sign up and get started with a free account. Complete creative projects and challenges. Customize avatars and earn Superpowers. Pay after the first 5 levels.

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How it works


Themes and topics that kids LOVE

Kids learn and develop 400+ skills to build a tech related career, flexing their superpowers in five wide ranging areas of Computer Science. Computer Science superheroes? Yes, they are! In Studio (our software) they build projects they care about, earning Writer, Author, Intern, and Jr. Developer certificates—a paid job in tech is within their grasp, and computer science capers too.

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Code, Build, Create, Repeat

Starting with 5 minute projects in authentic programming languages, students go through a cycle of choosing which project to work on out of 5,000+, completing a base project, creating something out of that project uniquely theirs and then repeating the cycle. By completing hundreds of projects, they learn authentic skills while growing their creativity and building muscles.

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Know where students are with feedback, reports & certificates

Both our parent and student dashboards show a student’s completed projects and the authentic skills they are learning. Our real-time reports detail what a student is learning—the progress made across our 418+ skills and our 5 core competencies, which we call Superpowers to make them friendly for students. 4 meaningful certificates provide big milestones to shoot for.

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The Numbers Behind Hatch Coding

Total Hours of Coding Completed
by Students
JS and Python Projects
& Challenges in our library
Happy Students
and Proud Parents

Why Hatch

Hatch Studio, software
breaking the limits of creativity

Pick projects to build, challenges to tackle, superpowers to earn, and create content to inspire

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Explore our project library, define the future

Want to see what your kids can build? Every click brings them a new project—a mystery box of innovation

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Cultivate collaboration in a team environment

The best ideas start and end with collaboration. Students gain skills to shape the future with our community.

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A world class intelligent learning system


600 Projects, Studio v1.0

A busy summer of content creation enables Hatch Coding to start with a massive content library on Day 1.


Challenges, Studio v2.0

Studio adds 3+ challenges to every project, giving students direction to be wildly creative at every turn.


Team Coding, Studio v3.0

As almost all software is built in teams, Hatch Coding makes group projects available in Studio, enabling team coding.

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You are in good company

You’re part of an amazing crowd—our community of 100,000+ parents love Hatch Coding and work at:

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Students pick things they are into out of our 375+ themes. They earn their first Superpower skills in the initial 5 minute project. They can complete the first 5 levels out of 200 for free, taking them from their first day of coding part of the way to their first job in tech.

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Frequently asked questions

What languages do you teach?

Students can learn in JavaScript and Python, using Studio—our intelligent software. These languages are 2 of the top 5 most popular programming languages in the world.

Is this online or in person?

Hatch Coding offers stand alone software that takes students from their first day of coding to their first job in tech. We do not offer in-person classes or learning.

Can I learn to code by building games?

Yes! Students master 418 computer science skills while developing 5 core competencies over the course of 4 certificates. With 375+ themes, students can build games, animations, simulations, calculation engines, sports projects or anything their heart desires.

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