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Camps & Classes for Kids & Teens

Future proof your child with the skill of coding and the application of creativity and problem solving.

Hatch Studio for Schools & Districts

Delivering in 4 provinces and 1 state, we've trained over 1,100 novice computer programming educators.


Accessible design

Used by 21,000+ students from grades 3 to 12, and to train 900+ novice computer programming educators.

Groundbreaking, immersive, software that makes AP curriculum accessible to children, teens, and adults. Accompanied by innovative teaching and learning resources. 



Creative coding and requirements-based programming in JavaScript or Python—to create real-world computer programs.

Project-based learning provides meaningful learning experiences.

By creating genuine computer programs with real computer languages, students reach a high degree of achievement in real-world computer programming skills and competencies.

  • Requirements-based programming
  • Programmatic research
  • Computational logic
  • Computational thinking
  • Syntax (using) and vocabulary (using and creating)


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Made for students—and educators

Every student needs connection and meaning to thrive. We've crafted our software carefully, thoughtfully, to create an online workspace and material for deep learning. In the hands of educators, Hatch Studio software is a powerful tool for teaching and learning: a means for novices to learn programming for expression and development.


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Meaningful learning

Keeping students engaged, challenged, and interested in learning is a fine balance. After four years of research and development, we’ve figured out a thing or two.

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Toward independence

Students develop important background knowledge and understanding of computer programming, doing small amounts of independent work from the very beginning.

Global competencies

Thinking, teamwork, creativity, communication—some of the competencies developed as students become programming literate with Hatch Studio.

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Literacy in the 4th R

Reading, writing, arithmetic, and now programming: the four Rs needed for success in the automated age. While focused on the fourth, Hatch Studio develops them all.

What people say about our camps and classes

Hatch Coding centres offer classes during the school year and camps during school holidays. The focus: learning real-world computer programming skills and competencies. Public speaking, leadership, team building, problem-solving, and innovation are also nurtured in our half-day Tech Leadership program, offered during March Break and Summer camps.

Calm atmosphere with challenging and fun projects. Kids can work at their own pace and when stuck ask experienced computer techies their questions, which are broken down and clearly described. Kids can learn independently, which my son likes.

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Meghan T.


It makes my child think and brainstorm. 

Young mother

Arshi S.


My daughter had a blast and made some good friends while learning the very basics of coding.

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Jeff C.


My son really enjoyed it. It helped improve his concentration, maths and computing skills. He enjoyed all his projects and rewards on completion.

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Faadil S.


Yesterday, Maxwell wrote the Canadian Computer Competition (Junior Level)  from the University of Waterloo. He wrote with a dozen other students (all Grade 11 and 12 students who were taking computer science courses at the school. Maxwell was the only Grade 9 student from his high school and he had the highest score amongst everyone (60/75, 4 of the 5 questions correctly done).

Line family

Gerald H.

Proud Papa