Zero to Engineer, a Complete Coding Course

  • Students 8+ can start their engineering journey with Hatch Coding. No prior experience necessary.
  • Students invest 2-3 hours / week across 4 certificates to develop the skills needed to pass a technical Jr. Developer interview.
  • Now with a NEW AI track, for students 13+ (that means you too, adults)
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Our students end up at:

Everyday Students, Outstanding Results

Proven Learning Framework with Real-World Outcomes

A Few of Our Current Students

Mythili P, age 12

Member since September 2019. Creator of Snowy Mountains and Animals Game Jam. Thrives on stacking concepts and building depth. In 24+ months with Hatch, she’s coded 603 projects, 787 challenges, coded 64 original projects, completed 3 Hatch Certificates and won a Hatch Coding Hackathon.

Matthew S, age 17

Member since October 2019. Creator of Penguin Ski Free and Minecraft Hangman. Breaks down problems and solves them in his sleep. In 2+ years with Hatch, he’s coded 378 projects, 1061 challenges, completed 4 Hatch Certificates, has been a Hatch Coding Coach and is now a Hatch Coding intern.

Selina W, age 12

Member since October 2019. Creator of Selina’s Sunset and Rain on a Windshield. Makes magic by writing something, and coming out with a picture or game. In 1 year with Hatch, she’s coded 54 projects, 54 challenges, and coded 6 original projects.

Nyles J, age 11

Member since March 2019. Creator of Little Dude and Slime Mob Clicker (549 lines long). Passionate about gaming, turns brilliant ideas into code. In 2 ½+ years with Hatch, he’s coded 313 projects, 586 challenges, and coded 27 original projects, and earned 2 Hatch Certificates.

Dev G, age 10

Member since October 2017. Creator of DevFlix, Alien Invasion, and Curser. Consumes multiple new concepts before breakfast, processes everything with logic. In 4+ years with Hatch, he’s coded 455 projects, 528 challenges, coded 67 original projects and earned 2 Hatch Certificates.

Samantha Z, age 10

Member since July 2020. Creator of Teddy Bear Logo, CN Tower, and Camera Phone. Delivers art through code, adds eye-catching personal flairs at every turn. In 1 ½+ years with Hatch, she’s coded 144 projects, 299 challenges, coded 19 original projects and earned her 1st Hatch Certificate.

Our New AI Engineering Track - 450 Hours of Learning

  • For Students 13+ including adults, high school+ level content
  • Develop the skills to pass an Jr. AI engineer technical interview
  • 400+ hours with 1:1 mentorship and capstone / showcase projects

From Simple Games to Game-Changing Certifications

4 meaningful certificates that'll stand out on resumes and accelerate careers.

  • Help them discover a passion for engineering
  • Accelerate their college and career path
  • Get recognized alongside other graduates
  • (and yes, you can start as young as age 8)
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The Complete Zero to Engineer Course

Learn differently with our portfolio-based program

Learn the language of the future
Set your child up for success
Feed their own intrinsic desire
Invest into skill-building extracurricular activities
Unlock creativity and refine problem-solving skills
Superpower 1: Turning Idea into Code (156 skills)
Superpower 2: Finding Your Own Answers (62 skills)
Superpower 3: Breaking Down Complex Problems (67 skills)
Superpower 4: Speaking to a Computer (90 skills)
Superpower 5: Communication & Collaboration (53 skills)

Year-Round Learning That Matches the Student’s Pace

We believe in hands-on learning in a passion-first environment.

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The Numbers Behind Hatch Coding

Total Hours of Coding Completed
by Students
JS and Python Projects
& Challenges in our library
Happy Students

Taught by top students

Parents with children at Hatch Coding say:

Hatch Coding is a balance of fun and skill building.

Asheesh Advani Headshot

Hatch Coding prepares kids for the future of work

"As the father of two boys who have enjoyed Hatch Coding, I can attest to the impact that Hatch has on preparing kids for the future of work. Gaining familiarity with the core concepts of software engineering is essential - and Hatch delivers on the promise!”

Asheesh Advani, Father of two
April Dunford Headshot

...eventually, the creativity of the projects had her hooked

“My son immediately loved the freedom and autonomy of the learning system. My daughter was a harder sell, but eventually the creativity of the projects had her hooked. Only Hatch Coding had a combination of self-paced study with a deep library of projects. My kids loved it.”

April Dunford, Mom of two
Elin Searfoss Headshot

My son’s delight in coding inspires me—he wants to be a programmer

"My son now understands coding concepts at a whole new level. His obvious delight in coding has inspired me. Because of Hatch, he says he wants to be a programmer when he grows up!"

Elin Searfoss, Mom
Paul Trudel Headshot

Parents can connect with their kids & help their future careers

“This was a no brainer for me. I am able to give opportunities for my kids to learn—and help their future careers. Nothing is more important to me than that.

Paul Trudel, Dad
Helen Rosenfeld Headshot

Instructors help kids build skills and confidence

“My kids have taken classes with Hatch Coding for multiple years, progressing through camps and classes to having an internship and cementing their technology prowess. The learning system is great at encouraging them to build their skills and confidence.”

Helen Rosenfeld, Mom of twins
John Sicard Headshot

Hatch Coding, an easy yes, delivers coding fluency

“If an extra curricular program delivers skills, then it’s an automatic yes. Coding Fluency and a path to become an engineer? Hatch Coding hits all the right notes for helping kids succeed in life.”

John Sicard, Father of 3

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