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Hatch Studio software teaches how to read and write code—modeled on the methods used by 95%+ of software engineers.

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Student buy-in? It comes from having choices.

Computer Science is the magic of building something useful. To an 8-year-old, this might mean Disney, Pokémon, or Star Wars.

Hatch has 600+ projects across 50+ different themes. We teach you how to read and write code by giving you choices for what to work on.

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Learn The Skills Employers Want

These 3 things are not commonly taught to novice programmers:

logo-singleHow to translate ideas into code.

logo-singleHow to do independent research to solve your own coding difficulties.

logo-singleHow to work in a team and do group work.


Learning these things will allow you to meaningfully contribute on day 1 of a tech job, or meaningfully communicate to someone on a tech team


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My son immediately loved it. My daughter was a harder sell but eventually the creativity of the projects had her hooked. Only Hatch had a combination of self-paced study, a deep library of projects, and skilled instructors. My kids love it.

April Dunford

April Dunford

Happy Mom

Hatch has amazing, caring staff who are always right there when I need help, although they don't necessarily tell us the answer: they explain and let us figure it out. Their project-based learning really brings coding to a new level.


Benjamin P.

Student Supporter

My child LOVED the classes at Hatch. This is her third time taking classes on Thursday mornings and we are going to keep doing them if they offer them in the morning. She has about four more friends who want to join this morning class in Toronto for Spring. Thank you for everything!


Pamela Q.

Happy Mom

Nicholas is really enjoying his experience at Hatch. I can see the methodology allows him to progress as his own pace and challenge him to keep advancing.


Rafael F.

Doting Papa
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