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For individual buyers, every child gets a free 1:1 lesson.

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Use autonomous, authentic skills for eureka moments.

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Choose to learn in JavaScript or Python, using Studio—our intelligent software. Toggle between 2 of the top 5 most popular programming languages in the world. Start with Project #1 and explore student, parent, or teacher dashboards: the control center that customizes your Hatch Coding experience.

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Autonomy, confidence, and real skills grow through a gradual release of responsibility. The early projects start with a lot of support and, over time, create a venue for more and more free space to be creative, giving students a pathway to independence and original thought.

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Using Studio (our software), students master 418 computer science skills while developing 5 core competencies over the course of 4 certificates.  Families can pay for 1:1 lessons with us or use the software independently. Our enterprise product includes a broad range of teacher features for educators.

Go deep

With 375+ themes, and a "first day of coding to first job in tech" curriculum, students can build games, animations, simulations, calculation engines, sports projects, or anything their heart desires as they grow their skills.


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...eventually, the creativity of the projects had her hooked

“My son immediately loved the freedom and autonomy of the learning system. My daughter was a harder sell but eventually the creativity of the projects had her hooked. Only Hatch Coding had a combination of self-paced study, a deep library of projects, and skilled instructors. My kids love it.”

April Dunford, 7X Tech VP Marketing, Global Thought Leader
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Parents can connect with their kids & help their future careers

“This was a no brainer for us at EllisDon. During Covid lockdowns, we were able to give opportunities for parents to connect with their kids—and help their future careers. Nothing is more important to me than that. Thanks Hatch Coding for this wonderful employee benefit.”

Paul Trudel, SVP HR, EllisDon

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