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Our Mission

We empower communities of students with skills to shape the future through creative coding and collaboration. We believe that great mentorship can help children feel empowered, be creative and go beyond what they think they could accomplish. 

Our Coaches

Coaches lead the virtual one-on-one sessions. All coaches have their vulnerable sector check and obtain rigorous training prior to being hired.

Hatch Coach

Veronica's been with Hatch since October 2017. She graduated from Seneca College for Animation.

Her favourite part of coaching is seeing students make projects from scratch once they get confident with coding.

Hatch Coach

David has a degree in computer science. Before Hatch, he taught English to foreign students, but he’s currently a student at MCIT, where he’s taking a full-stack development course.

He's crazy about tech, punk rock, and science fiction, and is always connected with his Google gadgets.

Hatch Coach

Austin is a 4th-year Computer Science undergrad at Carleton University who’s been coding since 2013.

He knows how hard it is to learn coding, and wants to bridge that gap for others.

Hatch Coach

Shari is a former Hatch intern turned coach. She is a self-taught coder and hopes to one day build an app.

She has experience teaching kids in summer tech camps and at an after-school Robotics program.

Hatch Coach

Meghan was as one of Hatch’s first students in 2014. She then became a coach after doing AP Computer Science.

When not coaching, Meghan can be found playing the trumpet, piano and learning new vocals.

Hatch Coach

Parth is a full stack developer and third-year Computer Science student at York University.

He believes that coding at a young age has a positive impact and joined Hatch to help others gain this valuable skill.

Hatch Coach

Kai is a third-year Computer Science student at York University with a passion for Data Science.

She's passionate about logical problem solving and encouraging individuals - especially female counterparts to code.

Hatch Coach

Brenda studied Computer Science at Western University. She knowns Python, Java, C, algorithmic design and computer architecture. She leads Hatch's Virtual Classroom.

She's loved teaching since she was a child and is thrilled to help the kids at Hatch grow and learn.

Hatch Coach

Dylan has a minor in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo. He knows JavaScript, Java, C, C++, Python, Assembly, R, HTML, CSS, and Turing.

When not in front of his computer, you can probably find him out in his garden growing veggies!

Hatch Coach

Yomna is a fourth-year Software Engineering student at Concordia University. For the past two years, she’s held coding workshops for young girls and women.

When not worrying about assignments, she enjoys reading, listening to music and obsessing over cinematography.

Hatch Coach

Jadin is a self-taught programmer who learned programming by making games and websites.

In his free time, he loves to skateboard and 3D print cool knick-knacks.

Hatch Coach

Sergio has a bachelors degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from the University of Toronto. He was born in Caracas, Venezuela and moved to Canada when he was 17 to complete his studies.

He has many hobbies. He plays the bass guitar, soccer and has some sweet salsa and merengue moves on the dance floor! 

Hatch Coach

Hercules graduated from George Brown College's Game Development Program. 

His favourite hobbies are gaming, coding, reading, biking, and yarn crafts. 

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