Learn how to build dynamic websites

Web development is what happens when websites are built. Hatch Coding teaches students how to build websites by applying the 5 core competencies we call CS Superpowers to build the backbone of the internet: the World Wide Web.

Translate ideas

Students learn and use authentic skills to build & create on the Web.

Share code

Students discover how to use GitHub, a core code sharing tool.

Make it responsive

Responsive websites looks good on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Gain authentic skills

Students gain industry standard skills that are used to build on the internet.

Build dynamic websites


As a student, being able to build responsive websites means being able set up shop on the internet. It's foundational to our world.


Students can apply the 5 core competencies learned at Hatch Coding to web development, to further their real world learning.


Powered by Hatch Coding, students learn web development tools like HTML & CSS for design, JavaScript & SQL for data storage.


After learning these tools at Hatch Coding, students can build websites for schools, clubs, teams, or their local businesses.


With web development certifications, students will build skills to create and skills to shape the future.

What parents and partners say

April Dunford Headshot

...eventually, the creativity of the projects had her hooked

“My son immediately loved the freedom and autonomy of the learning system. My daughter was a harder sell but eventually the creativity of the projects had her hooked. Only Hatch Coding had a combination of self-paced study, a deep library of projects, and skilled instructors. My kids love it.”

April Dunford, 7X Tech VP Marketing, Global Thought Leader
Paul Trudel Headshot

Parents can connect with their kids & help their future careers

“This was a no brainer for us at EllisDon. During Covid lockdowns, we were able to give opportunities for parents to connect with their kids—and help their future careers. Nothing is more important to me than that. Thanks Hatch Coding for this wonderful employee benefit.”

Paul Trudel, SVP HR, EllisDon

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