State-of-the-art software +
personalized teaching means
accelerated growth

A great teacher makes a huge difference. Our carefully selected educators receive ongoing training and support while leveraging Studio, our custom learning software including an informative parent dashboard. Our amazing teachers use Studio to personalize and customize learning, giving specific and timely feedback to help students move forward with confidence.

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Real-time intelligent info

Available 24/7 to teachers, students, and parents, it means more time moving forward while developing authentic skills.

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Choice means more learning

Students learn more, go further, and are way more creative. They also develop soft skills, reasoning skills, and knowledge.

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Support and Mentoring

Our teachers are completely aware of student interests and focused on getting them to where they want to be.

Intelligent software + 1:1 learning to delight and make you smile

Hatch Studio software lets students learn real, useful Computer Science skills and competencies for years. Students choose projects and start coding on Day 1.   

As students progress, our expert coaches guide them on the path to gaining authentic skills. By sharing their knowledge and focusing the lessons on student interests, students stay engaged.

Learning in Studio (our software) speeds up the acquisition of skills and knowledge. Students stay engaged longer and learn faster, resulting in well-rounded programmers who can meaningfully contribute, communicate, and collaborate.

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Instructors help kids build skills and confidence

“My kids have taken classes with Hatch Coding for multiple years, progressing through camps and classes to having an internship and cementing their technology prowess. The instructors are extremely capable and great at encouraging their students to build their skills and confidence.”

Helen Rosenfeld, Exec Director, Massachusetts Science & Engineering Fair
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Hatch Coding, an easy yes, delivers coding fluency

“If a perk benefits my employees, then it’s an automatic yes. Go-karting? Bowling? No. Coding Fluency? Yes. Hatch Coding was an easy and automatic yes.”

John Sicard, CEO, Kinaxis

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