Frequently asked questions

How Hatch Works

What programming languages does Hatch teach?
How does my child learn at Hatch?
My child has never coded before. Is Hatch suitable for beginners?
If I don't know how to code, will my child still be able to learn coding by using the Hatch platform alone?
What internet browser and device should my child use for Hatch?
How is Hatch different from other coding classes and platforms?
Why should my child learn how to code?

Selecting a Plan

What is the recommended age to use Hatch?
Do you have programs for children younger than 8?
Which plan is right for my child?
When is the best time to sign up?

1:1 Online Coaching Sessions

What is the 1 on 1 virtual coaching session?
Who teaches the 1 on 1 coaching session?
How do I schedule a 1 on 1 coaching session?
How do I change the time for all my future 1 on 1 coaching sessions?
What if I need to reschedule my 1 on 1 session or my child missed it?

After Registration and Using Hatch

What is the next step after I register my child?
Why didn’t I get an email confirmation?
How can I help my child succeed at learning coding?
How much work is my child expected to do?

Managing Your Hatch Subscription

How do I change my plan type?
Can I end my plan at any time?
How do I end my plan?

Build and create with real world computer languages

Meet some Hatch Coding students and see how they have learned skills to shape the future

Matthew S, age 17

Member since October 2019. Creator of Penguin Ski Free and Minecraft Hangman. Breaks down problems and solves them in his sleep. In 2+ years with Hatch, he’s coded 378 projects, 1061 challenges, completed 4 Hatch Certificates, has been a Hatch Coding Coach and is now a Hatch Coding intern.

Mythili P, age 12

Member since September 2019. Creator of Snowy Mountains and Animals Game Jam. Thrives on stacking concepts and building depth. In 24+ months with Hatch, she’s coded 603 projects, 787 challenges, coded 64 original projects, completed 3 Hatch Certificates and won a Hatch Coding Hackathon.

Selina W, age 12

Member since October 2019. Creator of Selina’s Sunset and Rain on a Windshield. Makes magic by writing something, and coming out with a picture or game. In 1 year with Hatch, she’s coded 54 projects, 54 challenges, and coded 6 original projects.

Nyles J, age 11

Member since March 2019. Creator of Little Dude and Slime Mob Clicker (549 lines long). Passionate about gaming, turns brilliant ideas into code. In 2 ½+ years with Hatch, he’s coded 313 projects, 586 challenges, and coded 27 original projects, and earned 2 Hatch Certificates.

Dev G, age 10

Member since October 2017. Creator of DevFlix, Alien Invasion, and Curser. Consumes multiple new concepts before breakfast, processes everything with logic. In 4+ years with Hatch, he’s coded 455 projects, 528 challenges, coded 67 original projects and earned 2 Hatch Certificates.

Samantha Z, age 10

Member since July 2020. Creator of Teddy Bear Logo, CN Tower, and Camera Phone. Delivers art through code, adds eye-catching personal flairs at every turn. In 1 ½+ years with Hatch, she’s coded 144 projects, 299 challenges, coded 19 original projects and earned her 1st Hatch Certificate.

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