Learn how to build software in a team

Almost all software is built in teams. So as students advance their programming skills, they also need soft skills to work in a group.

Clean code

Learn how to organize your code so others can read it.

Code review

Discover how to evaluate code written by others.

Assign roles

Learn to divide tasks among multiple people in a larger project.


Gain the complex people skills needed to build software in teams.

Grow and learn with others


Studio (our software) gives students the ability to complete group projects with up to 6 people.


Through Studio, even before they start group projects, students develop communication and collaboration skills.


Students gain expertise in building larger projects with lessons that develop communication and collaboration skills.


Earning Hatch Coding certificates translates to interview readiness and a demonstrated ability to contribute to a team on Day 1.


With Studio as the basis of lessons, students get an edge and a way to get ahead!


Elin Searfoss Headshot

My son’s delight in coding inspires me—he wants to be a programmer

"The way the instructor goes through projects in detail is really helpful.  My son now understand coding concepts at a whole new level. His obvious delight in coding has inspired me. Because of Hatch, he said he wants to be a programmer when he grows up! In our group, it was neat to see kids at very different levels of coding all get something out of the the program!"

Elin Searfoss, Director and IT Lead, CNVC
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Hatch Coding prepares kids for the future of work

"As the father of two boys who have enjoyed Hatch Coding, I can attest to the impact that Hatch has on preparing kids for the future of work. Gaining familiarity with the core concepts of software engineering is essential - and Hatch delivers on the promise!”

Asheesh Advani, Global Non-Profit Leader

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