A software based learning environment

Studio is intelligent software that supports your child right from the start, keeping them engaged, excited, and learning new things for years.

Increases engagement

Studio helps your child achieve authentic skills in Computer Science, taking them from their first day to their first job.

Personalizes projects

Studio puts your child’s interests front and center, so they’re always working on projects that light up their curiosity.

Tracks 5 core skill areas

Studio tracks development in five core Computer Science competencies, so your child builds skills to shape the future.

Individualizes feedback

Studio provides personalized feedback on every project & activity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to inform teachers, students, and parents.

Solve problems that are important to your child

Full and authentic skills in JavaScript and Python develop as students write unique programs. Students stay in the driver’s seat to learn more, go further and be way more creative.

Kids need to be themselves. They need to bring who they are to what they learn. Studio (our software) is designed with that in mind.

Building video game might be the thing that really motivates a student. Creating visual effects or digital art might be that thing instead. With 375+ themes, we find that all students find something to work on that motivates them.

Studio also offers students choices by letting them build in JavaScript or Python, igniting the spark that makes solving puzzles and problems addictive and fun. That’s one important reason why Studio is so powerful.

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John Sicard Headshot

Hatch Coding, an easy yes, delivers coding fluency

“If a perk benefits my employees, then it’s an automatic yes. Go-karting? Bowling? No. Coding Fluency? Yes. Hatch Coding was an easy and automatic yes.”

John Sicard, CEO, Kinaxis
Elin Searfoss Headshot

My son’s delight in coding inspires me—he wants to be a programmer

"The way the instructor goes through projects in detail is really helpful.  My son now understand coding concepts at a whole new level. His obvious delight in coding has inspired me. Because of Hatch, he said he wants to be a programmer when he grows up! In our group, it was neat to see kids at very different levels of coding all get something out of the the program!"

Elin Searfoss, Director and IT Lead, CNVC

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