Learn for 3+ years

At Hatch Coding, students stick around for 3+ years because they can start with the basics, build a foundation, and advance to intermediate topics. They have a ton of variety as they progress, never get bored, and move on to advanced topics. They are consistently challenged and inspired from Day 1 to Day 1,000+.

The best teachers

The industry’s best teachers who are trained to bring out the best in students.

Tons of content

A massive content library that allows you to be wildly creative.

A 10 yr curriculum

A 10 year curriculum that takes students from their first day to their first job.

Pick your own learning

By focusing on building and creating, there is always something new and interesting to work on.

How deep learning happens over time


Students start coding, writing their first lines of code, seeing their first results.


Students experience “aha” moments—they can create something new & interesting: changing circles to squares, slow to fast, one to many.


Students realize that every coding project
is an opportunity to have an "aha" moment, the ability to build or create something amazing.


Every new project brings more learning and more "aha" moments, keeping them deeply engaged and eager for the next eureka moment.


Students keep learning, growing more confident over time. Skills to shape the future emerge through dedicated practice.


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Parents can connect with their kids & help their future careers

“This was a no brainer for us at EllisDon. During Covid lockdowns, we were able to give opportunities for parents to connect with their kids—and help their future careers. Nothing is more important to me than that. Thanks Hatch Coding for this wonderful employee benefit.”

Paul Trudel, SVP HR, EllisDon
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Instructors help kids build skills and confidence

“My kids have taken classes with Hatch Coding for multiple years, progressing through camps and classes to having an internship and cementing their technology prowess. The instructors are extremely capable and great at encouraging their students to build their skills and confidence.”

Helen Rosenfeld, Exec Director, Massachusetts Science & Engineering Fair

Have fun with serious content

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