The ultimate “hack” to learning how to read and write code fast

Hatch Coding has reverse engineered the qualities of an amazing
and creative software developer with our unique Superpowers learning system where students learn authentic, real-world, skills.

5 core competencies

Computer Science skills form 5 core competencies that cover all aspects of building software, aka Superpowers.

Start with the end in mind

We started with the end result of succeeding in tech or being a good engineer. Backwards design delivered our learning system.

Best practices

A top tier curriculum & learning system was built by bringing together education and software best practices.

4 meaningful certificates

4 certifications (Writer, Author, Intern, Jr. Developer) across 418+ skills take students from novice to experienced programmer.

Get ahead with a better learning system

Imagine tapping into the minds of 200 software engineers and asking: How did you get excited about code? What was important, really important, when you learned your craft?

Imagine building a learning system that is based on results of these 200 interviews. Imagine being able to access the intelligence of a group of people who have become successful in tech.

The end result is Hatch Coding—a learning system that develops 5 core competencies by focusing on authentic skills and real world coding. We refer to these competencies as "Superpowers".

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Hatch Coding prepares kids for the future of work

"As the father of two boys who have enjoyed Hatch Coding, I can attest to the impact that Hatch has on preparing kids for the future of work. Gaining familiarity with the core concepts of software engineering is essential - and Hatch delivers on the promise!”

Asheesh Advani, Global Non-Profit Leader
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...eventually, the creativity of the projects had her hooked

“My son immediately loved the freedom and autonomy of the learning system. My daughter was a harder sell but eventually the creativity of the projects had her hooked. Only Hatch Coding had a combination of self-paced study, a deep library of projects, and skilled instructors. My kids love it.”

April Dunford, 7X Tech VP Marketing, Global Thought Leader

Have fun with serious content

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