Artists ages 9-17:
Code, Create & Earn

Studio by Hatch Coding offers weekly coding contests with cash prizes. The current weekly prize pool is $840. It has been going up every week.

You can learn, compete and earn with Hatch Coding.

How it works

Create digital art every week, honing your skills.

Every 3 months, we have a larger competition.

Learn something new. Develop your portfolio.

Digital Art Examples

3 ways to get started


Work on your own, then submit

Work on your own, submit your entry via email to


Learn by Yourself with Hatch Coding

Use Studio by Hatch Coding to learn how: Free until March 2022, you can, by yourself, learn everything you need to both create and code your digital art. Start for free. Then submit your entry with no additional Contest Fee.


Learn with a Coach with Hatch Coding

Use a 1:1 coach through Hatch Coding: Become a Hatch Coding Student through our monthly, cancel any time subscription plan. With a 1:1 coach, you will learn everything you need to both create and code your digital art including instruction on both creative and technical aspects. Start for free, and then upgrade to add a 1:1 coach.

Learn with Hatch Coding


Weekly contests end 7:59 pm every week on Wednesday. For the December 15 contest:

$300 1st Prize

$200 2nd Prize

$100 3rd Prize

+ 2 $60 Strong Effort Prizes. Please check here to see the latest prizes.

January 5th, 2022: Prize $ in CAD
CAD $840 in prizes


for 1st place


for 2st place


for 3rd place

Plus 5 "Strong Effort" prizes at $60 each

Please log in (or create an account) and look for the Contest Info link
in the upper right corner, in the navigation bar.
All 2022 contests will be judged by an impartial panel

Frequently asked questions

What are the important dates?

Every Wednesday, deadline 7:59 pm Eastern Time

(You can start thinking, working, creating and coding today)

What do I get from participating?

Creating digital art is a new medium which is an intersection between code and art. Personal growth, global competency development and adding to your personal and professional portfolio are potential end rewards. As of 2021, digital art is a growth sector in the economy for technology reasons.

What do I need to take part?

You need to create something visually interesting. You need to code that idea into digital art. So you need an imagination and some coding ability, which you can get through Hatch Coding if you don't have it already.

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