The Economic Outcomes Course (The EOC)

"Finishing School for Computer Science"

Course Overview

• Build 12 smaller web applications with 3 features each
• Build 1 larger web application with 10-20 features.
• Walk into your next technical interview and get the job.

The EOC Includes a Preparation Course (The EOPC) for those with zero or beginner coding skills.

You can start from your first day of code or after you have already mastered some basics.

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Cost & Referrals

Cost with weekly check-ins:
USD $1,100 or Canadian Equivalent ($1,500)

Cost with two kick off calls:
USD $550 or Canadian Equivalent ($750)

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Through The EOC at Hatch Coding, I’ve built 12 mini apps and 1 fully featured app using the Python Flask framework, greatly increasing my understanding of the framework and my confidence in learning others. Through developing these apps, I've become more proficient and feel capable of building my own apps for future use. My expanded portfolio has boosted my employability, and I highly recommend the program for anyone seeking to enhance their technical and web app development skills.

- Aidan C, University of Waterloo Mechatronics student

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Aidan's Showcase App

Stock Insider (a Stock Market app)

Lines of code: 1496

This app allows users to search for stocks and view their charts and data, as well as the latest news on that stock. It has a subscription service using Stripe, and allows users to follow each other, create portfolios, and post on a forum.

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