The Economic Outcomes Course (The EOC)

"Finishing School for Computer Science"

Build 12 smaller web applications
Build 1 larger web application
Walk into your next technical interview and get the job

Course Overview

The EOC is where you build 12 smaller web applications with 3 features each and then 1 larger web application with 10-20 features. At the end of the course, you complete a portfolio of engineering projects representing thousands of lines of code which demonstrates an a solid understanding of technical skills and how to deploy Python-based web applications.

Upon Completion, you will be able to walk into your next technical interview and get the job.

The EOC Includes a Preparation Course (The EOPC) for those with zero or beginner coding skills.

You can start from your first day of code or after you have already mastered some basics.

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Coding experience needed to start the preparation course: Zero (we will take you from your first day of code)

Coding experience needed to start the primary content (The EOC): Approximately 100 hours of past coding experience
(or completion of Certificates 1 and 2 in the main Hatch Coding learning system)

We make technical careers more accessible to everyone, from the self-identified engineer to those who would like to have a technical career but aren’t sure how to make it happen.

Registration includes weekly group calls for both the main and preparation courses.

Time Needed for the main course: Approximately 120 hours

Purchasing this course gives you 12 months of access to all materials. The Economic Outcomes Course (The EOC) is self-paced and can be finished in:

• 3-4 weeks with full time effort
• 4-5 months with 5-7 hours per week effort and
• 10-12 months with 3 hours per week effort.

Completing the course results in an immediate increase in your ability to get a higher paying job. This allows you to potentially recoup your investment within months of taking the course.

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Cost & Referrals

Cost with weekly check-ins:
USD $1,100 or Canadian Equivalent ($1,500)

Cost with two kick off calls:
USD $550 or Canadian Equivalent ($750)

Referrals: Each of your 1st two referrals will earn you 50% of the purchaser’s cost. After that you will get a 20% referral bonus for each purchased course. With 2 referrals, you get your course for free.

End Result: We want you to earn more money and launch an engineering career because you take this course.

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I just went through The EOC at Hatch Coding, building 12 mini apps in Flask, a Python framework, and then 1 fully featured Flask app. I can't express enough how much I've learned from the first part where I developed 12 simple web apps. Each project allowed me to explore different features and functionalities that Flask offers, helping me develop a strong understanding of the framework.

What's more, this experience has given me the confidence and adaptability to learn other frameworks in the future. The knowledge and skills I've gained from these projects have made the process of app development feel more approachable, and I now have a solid foundation to build upon as I continue to grow as a developer. 

Not only have I become more proficient in using Flask, but I now feel confident in being able to build my own apps for any use in the future. This newfound ability has made me more likely to be hired, as I am now able to showcase a diverse portfolio of projects that demonstrate my technical skills and my skills in web app development.

The EOC at Hatch Coding has truly been a game-changer for me. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to strengthen their technical skills and understanding of web app development in general. 

- Aidan C, University of Waterloo Mechatronics student

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Aidan's 12 Smaller Apps

1. ReplyRanger: Conquering the Inbox Wilderness

Lines of code: 361

This app organizes your inbox by assigning priorities to keywords and email addresses, which can be managed by the user.

2. Schedule Tron: Tasks, Teams and Coordination

Lines of code: 459

This app allows you to view, create and modify schedules by adding tasks and team members.

3. LooLocator: Conquering the Porcelain Quest App

Lines of code: 300

This app allows you to locate a list of nearby public bathrooms based on location and displays them on a map.

4. ScalEverest: Music Previews and Playlists

Lines of code: 663

A streaming app that lets you play previews of songs and log in to create song playlists.

5. Steel City Gridiron Glory

Lines of code: 235

A Pittsburgh Steelers fan app that has the latest team news and the season schedule.

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6. Voyage Visionary: Unearthing Your Next Destination & Haven

Lines of code: 369

A travel app that lets you view the hotels and attractions around a destination city on a map.

7. LaundryTime Lifesaver: End Cycle Nudges & Notifications

Lines of code: 257

A laundry timer app that lets you set and view timers that send emails when your laundry is finished.

8. DineSafe in the 6ix: Infringement Insights

Lines of code: 155

A map of Toronto restaurant health code infringements with information for each restaurant.

9. Temporal Magician: A Fantastical Journey in Personal Organization

Lines of code: 310

A task planner that lets you edit, delete and view tasks in a calendar mode.

10. Trust Assurance Guardian: Security Training Chronicles

Lines of code: 255

An online course library with security training courses.

11. LinguaSwitch Master: Multilingual Store Admin Magic

Lines of code: 129

A translation app that translates the beginning of any website into a language of the user's choice.

12. IndexPulse: The Beating Heart of World Indices

Lines of code: 272

This app displays recent data of major world indices and has a news page displaying Bloomberg news links.

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Aidan's Showcase App

Stock Insider (a Stock Market app)

Lines of code: 1496

This app allows users to search for stocks and view their charts and data, as well as the latest news on that stock. It has a subscription service using Stripe, and allows users to follow each other, create portfolios, and post on a forum.

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