A Spring / Summer 2022 coding web3 extravaganza

For ages 9-17, a multi-month event to bring 10,000+ girls into web 3 (and some boys too)

It starts with a Spring 10 week digital generative art course, beginning the week of April 4, 2022.

Hatch Coding Discord: http://discord.gg/z5udf4ur8A
Twitter: @CodeCreateEarn
Email: peter@hatchcoding.com


We are bringing together the leading family oriented and female led NFT communities to highlight the world’s first generative art program for kids & teens, with a strong focus on bringing girls into Web3.

What We've Built

● Hatch Coding (est. 2014), an online learning platform with 120M+ hrs of usage

● A multi-year curriculum with 5,000+ projects covering 418 skills

● Free generative art content (400+ hours) & weekly contests to attract more kids (ages 8-18)

● A dedicated effort to encourage girls to learn to code

The Big Idea

How can WE as a community encourage 10,000+ youth coders to get involved in web3 in 2022?


March 2022: NFT Communities spread the word about a Spring 2022 generative art course for kids

April-June 2022: The course runs, teaching web3 technical and creative skills to kids

Summer 2022: Similar camps and courses run all summer long

September 2022: A big generative art contest with the winner minting an NFT collection on mainnet (ETH Blockchain).

Fall 2022+: The learning continues

Hatch Coding continues to educate the talent that will become the best and brightest minds for web3 for the 2020s and 2030s.

What you need to do (as a community leader)

Hatch Coding will create a personalized landing page for your community. As an example, here is the one for ZenAcademy:

In March 2022, we need communities to promote the Spring Art courses with tweets, discord announcements and other efforts like hosting Twitter spaces to connect your community with information about Hatch Coding.

A tweet might look like this:

A Discord announcement might look like this:

You might then get Discord Emojis that look like this (From the ZenAcademy pilot in January 2022):

Hatch Coding can provide you all the needed copy, which you can then edit to make it your own.

A single tweet and a single Discord announcement is all that is needed to properly gauge interest in your community.

Next Steps

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