Free mentorship for a $10K coding competition

If you are interested in entering Replit's Template Jam 2022 (May 23 - June 23), free mentorship is available.

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How it works

● Apply For Competition Mentorship with Hatch Coding

● Work by yourself or with a team.

● Get ready to win $10,000 USD for an amazing template created by you.

● If accepted, you will get access to a private chat server where between now and June 23, Ivy League graduates, peers and generally helpful people will help you build the best template you can, properly submit it to Replit, and hopefully do well in the competition.

● Mentorship lasts until the submission deadline, i.e. June 23, 2022.

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About Hatch Coding

Since 2014, Hatch Coding has taught over 50,000 students how to code from their first day of code to being able to earn money as a software engineer. This happens through a 4 Certificate, 418+ skill, multi hundred hour curriculum that starts in JavaScript or Python and goes to HTML, CSS, Github and any framework or language you might be interested in:

90 second overview of Studio 2022

Our small company is the sole provider of major instructional materials for middle school CS in Miami-Dade County Public Schools (2020-2025) and the only publisher approved for full K-12 instructional material in Florida. Our learning system is quick, intuitive, and easy to learn. In addition to which, 43% of students using it are girls.

We are offering this free Competition Mentorship opportunity because we want to see people be creative, we love Replit, we think it would be amazing for someone to create something awesome, and we want to do good for the coding and education communities.

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Note: We also have a 12 month mentorship program called the Power Learning Program - see the "Helpful Links" section.

About our software

Studio is free software that makes it easy to learn essential computer science skills, like algorithms, data structures, conditionals, and objects. You learn serious content in a playful way. 

Choose from hundreds of themes, and be true to yourself while programming in JavaScript or Python. You begin with small projects, learn how to modify them, and move on to larger ones. Studio lets you bring out your creative best.

Studio is quick, intuitive, and easy to use. Our learning system makes it simple to complete projects, learn, and practice over 400 proper computer science skills in 5 core competency areas. 

You can complete as many projects as you want. You’ll learn the inquiry, research, and technical skills needed for industry. 

Over time, you even transition to full-stack development. We’ll automatically generate learning reports that reflect your progress.

Start For Free

If you want to learning how to code, we have starting points at roughly 0, 30, 90, and 200 hours of previous coding experience... all for free.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Sign up and start learning, for free.

Step 3: Enjoy 300+ hours of content across 4 certificates leading you to earning potential as a software engineer.