Sprinkles of Fun

A first of its kind generative art NFT collection by Samantha Z, Age 10

Sprinkles of Fun • Samantha Z • Age 10 • 0 of 1000 minted • Apr 14 • Dutch Auction 1 Ξ -> 0.2 Ξ

● 15 generative art projects built over 16 weeks (October 2021 - February 2022)

● 90+ hours of brainstorming, designing, learning & creating

● 4483 lines of code

Oodles of art, clean code and technical precision

All created by an ambitious, creative, design oriented 10 year old named Samantha.

Artist Bio

Samantha Z, a 10 year old from the Greater Toronto Region.

She has been learning technical and creative skills with Hatch Coding since July 2020 and has coded 184 projects, written 14,720 lines of code.

You can read a profile article about her here:


Over 16 weeks from October 27 to February 9, Samantha has submitted 15 contest entries into our generative art coding contests, creating generative art projects with themes ranging from Origami Cats to Christmas, to 1980s carpets to Vaccine Appointments to Valentine’s Day.

Details / Notes

Each of the 15 projects is a generative art project on its own. Listed below is information about every project in this work: Title, Story, Traits, # of combinations, etc.

What we’ve done with this piece of art is combined the 15 projects, each one individually unique, into a “super unique” single NFT that has 5.3 * 10^108 different possible end states - Yes, that's over a Googol, the inspiration for our favorite search engine company.

This is by far the largest set of end states of any generative art NFT out there today. As you continue to read, you can look through all the possible variations, see different versions of each piece of art and get a feel for the amount of work Samantha has put into building her technical and creative skills over the past 4 months (building on almost 2 years of tireless skill building).

A Fundraiser

Hatch Coding is where Samantha learned how to code… from her first day of code. We believe that there is a new path available for students who want to save money for something important. We believe that schools and other organizations now have a new tool in their fundraising arsenal:

The Generative Art NFT Drop

This drop is a first-of-its-kind proof of concept project. We think it will have historical value.

Plus… the art is amazing!

Whether it is a new soccer field, new science equipment or new computer lab, schools, hospitals and other community organizations have been raising funds for as long as they have been around: bake sales, silent auctions, annual giving campaigns, winter fairs, spring carnivals, fall festivals and a million other ideas that have all been proven to work.

As PTA groups and fundraising committees think about innovative ways to bring in money, Hatch Coding believes that NFT sales from student art could be a strong component of fundraising over the next 20 years. 

“Sprinkles of Fun” will be the first such effort: the first of many over the next 20 years.

And it comes from an amazingly talented artist, one who will be improving her skills consistently as she moved through middle school and high school and on to her career. The CEO of YouTube is Susan Wojcicki. You may be buying the first NFT from the next Susan or Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos. If she can do this at age 10, what will she be able to do at 20 or 30 or 40 years old?

The Art

Dye Shop Cat

Project 1: Dye Shop Cat

Story / Description:

This cat broke into a Dye Shop and jumped into different puddles of dye.

The Numbers:

6 traits, 137,280 combinations: There are 13 cat colours, 12 background colours, 8 messages, 50/50 chance for a message to appear, 11 eye options, and 5 mouth options


Project 2: Airplanes

Story / Description:

At different times, airplanes of different colours went off with only half the people. Sometimes they went off with all the people and sometimes it went off with no one aboard.

The Numbers:

6 traits, 10, 584 combinations: 3 options for the people, 50/50 that the ground appears with the airport, 6 sky colours, 7 airplane colours, 7 window colours and 6 ground colours

Christmas Time

Story / Description:

It is Christmas time and you and your friends build a wonderful snowman!

Some people keep taking the scarves, hat and the buttons off but you keep putting new ones on. The ornaments twinkle different colours and sometimes there is a small angel on top of the tree.

The Numbers:

11 traits, 1,398,101 combinations: 3 ornament types, each with 8 different colour options, 8 scarf colours, 8 stripe colours, 8 background colours, 2 options the # of ornaments, 50/50 on angels, scarves, hats, and clouds appearing or not.