Become a Coder - Summer 2022

A full summer virtual program for ages 10+
80% learn-by-yourself - 20% mentorship and group sessions

1 student who wants to become a coder
1 learn to code platform
1 amazing support team, email:

90 second overview: Welcome to Hatch Coding
Your first 5 minutes: The first 3 projects with Hatch Coding

How it works (Cost: CAD $325 or USD $250)

● The "Become a Coder" program runs all summer until the end of Labour Day weekend.

● Once you sign up, you have the whole summer to finish 30 or 90 hours of code (your choice).

● You will be learning by yourself with weekly check-ins and 1 group sessions per week (choose from 3 available times).

● Your goal should be to complete 10% or 15% of the course curriculum per week.

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What You Get

● 24 / 7 Access to Studio by Hatch Coding, our 400+ hour, 4 certificate learning system.

● 1 group session per week: 45 minutes long.

● Access to a gated community: connect with like-minded students, make friends.

● Mentorship from an Ivy League Graduate. Your kickoff call is a 1:1 call with a knowledgeable software engineer. You have access to his calendar for additional 1:1 meetings when you need them.

Next Steps

Step 1 - Fill out our short application form:

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Step 2 - If chosen, you'll be given a payment link and a chance to ask questions.

Step 3 - Open your welcome email to set up your 1:1 Kickoff Call.

Note: you can email if you have questions or to request a phone call.

More Information

Studio is free software that makes it easy to learn essential computer science skills, like algorithms, data structures, conditionals, and objects. You learn serious content in a playful way.

Choose from hundreds of themes, and be true to yourself while programming in JavaScript or Python. You begin with small projects, learn how to modify them, and move on to larger ones. Studio lets you bring out your creative best.

Studio is quick, intuitive, and easy to use. Our learning system makes it simple to complete projects, learn, and practice over 400 proper computer science skills in 5 core competency areas.

You can complete as many projects as you want. You’ll learn the inquiry, research, and technical skills needed for industry.

Over time, you even transition to full-stack development. We’ll automatically generate learning reports that reflect your progress.