February 16, 2021

5 New Improvements to Hatch Coding's Teaching-Assisted Coding Software

5 New Improvements to Hatch Coding's Teaching-Assisted Coding Software

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What use is a product if it doesn’t bring delight to its users? Hatch Studio is dedicated to bringing the best and most efficient teaching-assisted software application to our customers.

Your children asked and we listened! We want your children learning full language programming in the fastest and most efficient way possible. We’ve implemented five new improvements to the Hatch Studio integrated development environment (where kids code) with several more soon ready for launch.

1. Meet our AI Engine - Coda

In addition to coaching sessions, your child can now get help faster and easier right from the Hatch Studio learning environment. We’ve implemented an Artificial Intelligence Help Bot - Coda - to give your child immediate help when they need it.

Coda can also automatically check beginner Type What You See coding projects and identify where the coding errors are. Your child can progress faster with the help from Coda. Don’t let them lose momentum if they get stuck and have them chat with Coda directly within their learning environment!

Hatch Coding's AI Help Bot - Coda

2. New Themed Projects Geared to Student’s Interests

We asked for student feedback on which new themed projects they would like to see up on Hatch Studio and here’s their top two that we’ve delivered on.

Among Us Project Series: Among Us is a popular online multiplayer social deduction game. In the game you play as a crew member aboard a spaceship attempting to get back to earth. But one crew member is an alien imposter who wants to eliminate the crew before the ship reaches home. We’ve built five new projects in this series and are continuing to add more.

Fruit Ninja Project Series: This addictive game has been around for a while and has the player practice their fruit-slicing skills with a wide variety of blades and dojos. We’ve created three projects and counting in this new series.

We are always adding new projects to our 600+ project library to keep students engaged in their learning with Hatch Studio.

Hatch Studio Among Us Coding Projects

3. Improved Progress Tracking System: Computer Science Superpowers

We implemented five computer science superpowers to assess your child’s skill levels with each coding level. These easy-to-understand core skills make it easier and faster for your child to move through Hatch Studio. Students can mark off their skills on their own and coaches will be able to check these outside of their lessons. All of their progress can be tracked right from within their student dashboard.

Hatch Coding's Computer Science Superpower Skills we teach
4. Streamlined Hatch Certification System

The Hatch Certification system tracks students progress in learning the skill levels within each of the four certificates. Each certificate requires students to demonstrate the five core computer science superpower skills within each skill level and requires a final assignment for completion.

Code Writer - Students begin their programming journey by learning the basics of code.

Code Author - Students upskill to turn their ideas into code and create computer functions using their programming skills and imagination.

Programming Intern - Students prepare for a career in coding. This certificate will place students on par with a programming intern.

Junior Developer - Completion of the final Hatch Coding certificate will set students up for real-world coding. They’ll have the skills to land their first programming job!

Students can set goals for themselves and track their certification progress within their dashboard (see below).

Hatch Coding Certification Tracking Report
5. User-Friendly Student Interface

We’ve streamlined the student interface to have everything they need to navigate Hatch Studio all in one place. Students can now join any virtual meeting (with their coach, our daily virtual classroom or team meeting) directly from their student dashboard. And with the click of a button they can check in on their class leaderboard, group projects, skills report and more!

New Features Coming Soon!

Hatch Studio Marketplace - Students collect coins with the points they earn from completing projects and challenges. They’ll soon be able to cash them in at our marketplace. Up for purchase will be customizable avatars, pets and lots of accessories to deck them out with!

Mini Certifications - Once students complete Certification Level 3 they’ll have the opportunity to unlock specialized mini certifications. Here’s a sneak peek at a few we will be offering.

Introduction to Web Development (HTML/CSS) - Students will learn the fundamentals of HTML and CSS. And will learn how to create a simple version of a website that they can host via Github.

Introduction to Game Development (Unity) - Students will learn how to code games using Unity. They’ll create either 2D or 3D games that they can play or share online!

Are you looking for fast and efficient learning for your child’s coding education? Hatch Studio’s all-in-one virtual portal guides students step-by-step from their first coding keystrokes to their first coding job.  

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