September 30, 2020

7 Tips for How to Get Your Kids Ready for their Back to School Routine

Settling into the back-to-school routine comes with a new set of challenges this year. Whether your kids are back in a classroom, learning remotely or being home schooled, we have some tips to ensure you set a successful back-to-school routine for your kids.

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Settling into the back-to-school routine comes with a new set of challenges this year. Whether your kids are back in a classroom, learning remotely or being home schooled, we have some tips to ensure you set a successful back-to-school routine for your kids.

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While the summer clothes have been replaced by backpacks, this school year brings us something different.

The kids’ typical excitement to reunite with their friends and see their teachers is altered by a COVID-19 affected world. Both parents and students have had to adopt a new back to school routine that will be suitable for the current situation.

To help you “tweak and tweeze” your little one’s routine and make the new going back to school routine somewhat easier, explore these useful tips:

1. Talk to Your Child About the Changes

Since back-to-school is different this year, you want to be certain that your children know exactly what to do and how to take all precautions.

Inform yourself about all of the guidelines and explain to your child the importance of wearing a mask and washing their hands regularly.

Make sure that your child feels safe by assuring them that they can talk to you about any concerns they might have.

2. Fix Their Sleeping Schedule

Help your child establish a healthy sleeping routine. The summer has long past, so there are no more excuses for staying up late. Get your kids back on track by making sure that they wake up early and go to bed at a decent hour.

Children need to get enough sleep to be alert and focused at school. The recommended amount of sleep is dependent on their age group:

  • Preschool: 10-13 hours
  • Elementary: 9-12 hours
  • Teenagers: 8-10 hours

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3. Ensure Healthy Food in their Diet

During the school year, it is important that your kid’s immune system stays strong.

A few changes in their diet and shifted focus towards healthy food can do wonders. Introduce more cooked meals, make sure that your kids eat plenty of veggies, and get a consistent intake of vitamins.

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Another great benefit of prioritizing health through a balanced diet is that eating healthy boosts cognitive capabilities. Moreover, good nutrition aids children in learning more effectively.

You can even take your child to a nutritionist, and they will create a diet plan that is personalized for your kid. A mother of two and a writer at Best Writing Advisor, Joana Wright, said that “Taking my kids to a nutritionist was one of the best decisions ever. I don’t have to worry about whether I’m giving my kids the food that they need, as I know what type of food will do good for them.”

4. Have Them Learn a New Skill

Since your child’s regular extracurricular activities might not be available this year, ask them if there’s a new skill that they are interested in learning. Having them choose a skill of interest will give them natural motivation to master it, and will teach them how to better manage their time between schoolwork and their extracurricular activities.

Whether it be learning a new musical instrument or learning to code - most in-person classes are now offered online, so you’ll have a wealth of options to choose from.

5. Fit Learning Tasks into Their Routine

Enhance your kids learning abilities through entertaining tasks. Your kids won’t find reading and writing so boring and tiresome if you make it fun.

Give your kids fun books that they’ll enjoy. Get creative and think of some entertaining writing assignments. When choosing books (and writing assignments), try to pick ones that match their interests.

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If you want your kids to channel their creativity into building something of their own, consider coding. Coding is one of the most promising skills of the present and the future. Let your kids first test out how they feel about coding with the Hatch Coding free 2-week trial.

Another option is to try Hatch's 1:1 coding coaching, providing your child with a learning method that suits their character, with an individual approach based on their age and skill level. With 600+ projects to choose from, your child can code based on their interests and at their own pace.

6. Mix Technology with Outdoor Activities

With online classes and consistent use of technological devices, children can be overly exposed to technology. Now that they are going back to school, your kids will spend even more time inside with their laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.

While you can’t take away the use of technology, you can balance it out with outdoor activities. In this way, you’ll encourage your child to get moving after long hours of sitting at the desk.

If you need some ideas on how to mix technology with outdoor activities, the post How to Balance Technology with Outdoor Activities will give you 7 amazing ideas.

7. Have a Set After-School Routine

Having an established after-school routine can help your child establish well-set learning and play balance.

They should have a certain amount of time dedicated to playing or safely gathering with their friends, but they should also have a set time for revising their lessons and doing their homework.

With an after-school routine, your kids won’t be stressed or procrastinate as they will learn how to organize their time.

Hatch Coding has a great solution to help with after-school plans, by offering a daily Virtual Classroom. Kids get an hour to meet with friends, learn new coding tricks and ask a coach their questions, while you get to have an hour of guilt-free screen time.

Final Thoughts

Use these tips to organize and put together a well-rounded back to school routine for your children. Most importantly, returning to school routine should go hand in hand with new learning solutions for children.

Explore adding coding into your kids’ extracurricular activities and find out all of the possibilities on the Hatch coding website.

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