October 29, 2018

All About Our Process for Product Development & Product Updates

Product for Teachers & Students of Computer Programming—that's our obsession around these parts.

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 Product for Teachers & Students of Computer Programming—that's our obsession around these parts.

At any given moment in time, members of the team are thinking about how to teach computer programming concepts to novice computer programming teachers and students. In product development, the team is bent on analysis of what is and isn't working pedagogically. We try to understand what support materials and tools teachers need in order to be effective in teaching computer programming. And we really care a lot about making things easy at the same time: so, some of the work being done is to create substantive products that are meaningful to teachers while making the best possible use of teachers' time. The other work being done is to create a rich learning experience for students: we want to honour their potential and nurture it with software that emulates the care and attention that teachers provide. As the product development team dreams up better ways of teaching computer programming, the development team brings the dream alive by creating software that is a close approximation to human teaching and learning and the thought that goes into both.

Hatch Studio, our project-based, computing immersion, software is designed to develop the five core competencies of computer programming:

1) Requirements-based programming

2) Computational thinking

3) Computational logic

4) Programmatic research skills

5) Knowledge, use, and creation of syntax and vocabulary

As students work in Studio, mastering the core competencies of computer programming, they are simultaneously improving their aptitude in critical thinking, creative thinking, and collaboration—skills that are key to their future success in the 4th industrial revolution.

Hatch Studio is the name we have chosen to give our software: we think the software is a place of learning, sharing, and—eventually—a place of community building. It is a creative work space that also develops real skills that draw from and contribute to the real world. We think that everyone can learn computer programming, and we want to provide a fun and supportive learning environment. All the product updates made to the Studio are meant to enhance student and teacher experiences. We welcome emails with ideas about how to make the Studio experience a better one:

This page will occasionally be updated as new product updates are announced: you'll see those announcements listed below.

Happy learning everyone.

Product Update Announcement: October 29, 2018


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