August 28, 2017

Field Trip Report: A Visit to Toronto's QuickTapSurvey

Field Trip Report: A Visit to Toronto's QuickTapSurvey

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A huge part of Hatch’s coding camps for kids are the field trips we take to companies active in the tech and video game industries. The purpose of these company visits is to help kids get a sense of what these companies and their developers do with coding in the real world, and offer the campers a wonderful opportunity to show off some of their amazing coding projects to their fellow programmers.

On one such recent field trip our campers visited the QuickTapSurvey headquarters in Toronto. The company develops a highly rated survey app for tablets and mobile devices that’s used by some of the world’s largest companies to collect valuable survey data and insights. Coding is obviously a huge part of what they do, which is just one of the reasons we wanted to pay them a visit.

We spoke with Cici Lam, QuickTapSurvey’s Office Manager about the recent field trip, what the kids saw and did while they were there, and the importance of learning to code!


How did the Hatch field trip to Quick Tap Survey go?

Cici: The visit went well! The camp leaders were very helpful and did a great job at making sure the kids were engaged.

What happened at the event?

Cici: Once everyone arrived we started it off with a brief presentation on our company and history. Then we took the kids for a tour around the office and introduced them to all our team members, each department took a turn giving an explanation on what their team was responsible for.

The kids then returned to our meeting room where two of our developers gave them demo before turning the tables over and having the kids demo their projects. We wrapped things up with a Q & A before sending everyone off on their way.

What sort of projects did the kids show off?

Cici: Many of the kids' projects were game-based so it was quite entertaining watching their demo. Our team was impressed!

What did the QuickTapSurvey team think of the event overall?

Cici: It was definitely a change of pace having a group of young kids in our office. Our developers loved seeing the campers projects and their genuine enthusiasm for coding.

We’re always looking for ways to support organizations that want to foster young kid’s interests in coding so events like this are right up our alley.

Why do you think kids learning to code is important?

Cici: Coding is such a relevant skill and it helps young kids help meet the growing demand and increase Canada’s global competitiveness.

Couldn't agree more, Cici. Thanks for the chat!



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