December 10, 2020

Give the Gift of Coding This Holiday: 10% Off All Hatch Coding Plans

Give the gift of coding this holiday: 10% off all Hatch Coding plans.

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Are you still looking for gift ideas for the kids on your holiday gift list? Instead of getting them a toy that they’ll soon tire of, why not consider something different this year?

You might want to consider virtual coding programs for kids, as they are a fun and educational gift that can grow with them. It can give them lifelong learning skills and can be personalized to how they learn best.

Let’s explore why virtual coding programs for kids make great holiday gifts.

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Gives a Tailored Experience

For the kid who loves an experience, virtual coding programs for kids can provide a personalized experience for kids that they’ll be talking about for months. Most virtual coding programs allow kids to choose when and how they want to learn. Whether they learn best with a coach, with a group or on their own they can pick their own coding adventure.

Gives an Opportunity to Meet Other Kids

This year we’re all especially grateful for every opportunity to meet others and kids can find community in virtual coding programs. It can give them a chance to safely bond with other kids from all over the world over shared interests. Some virtual coding programs have group sessions where kids can share their work with others and learn a new skill together.

It’s Flexible

If the gift of coding isn’t a good fit for the child, you don’t have to worry about having their parent trekking to a store and being in a crowd to return it. Many virtual coding programs for kids can be cancelled at any time - with no cancellation fee - from the comfort of home by sending a quick email. Some virtual coding programs even offer a free class or free trial period to extend the value of the coding program.

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It Can Give Lifelong Learning Skills

The gift of coding can give kids skills that will help them in life, no matter what career they choose to pursue when they’re older. While kids learn to code they’ll learn the following lifelong skills: creativity, critical thinking, language fluency, problem solving and teamwork. Now, this is definitely a gift that you can feel good about giving and who knows - maybe it will help to uncover hidden talents that have yet to be discovered!

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Coding Programs for Kids with Hatch Coding

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can give the gift of coding to that special child in your life this holiday season, check out Hatch Coding’s virtual coding program plans to determine which plan will best support their learning. If you have further questions, email us at or chat with us online.

Give the Gift of Coding

*The 10% Discount will be applied at checkout and can be applied to any of our plans.

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