March 27, 2017

Hatch After School and The Toronto Heschel School

Hatch After School and The Toronto Heschel School

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Have you heard about Hatch After School? Our after school coding programs provide students with the chance to learn valuable technical skills and have fun while doing so. Using Hatch's proprietary coding software, Hatch’s enthusiastic expert instructors help students learn the fundamentals of coding. Students learn different coding languages and put their new skills into practice. Hatch encourages students to learn at their own pace as they complete fun themed projects. Hatch’s programs teach valuable technical skills that will one day be essential for the younger generation, while encouraging students to engage in creative problem solving.


Hatch currently works with many schools in the GTA. One of those schools is The Toronto Heschel School in North York. Heschel is committed to “engaging and exciting every student with expert, inspired and, passionate teachers committed to teaching for understanding and mastery by every student.” Hatch was a natural fit for the school, sharing a similar mission and passion for providing outstanding education and challenging students to learn creatively. Parents at the Heschel School love the Hatch after school program. Check out some of the positive things they've said about it:


“We feel typing should be part of the curriculum, our kids will need it in high school, university and almost every job out there.Giving our kids the basic understanding of algorithms, how computers work and how to handle data can only help them be better prepared.”

A Heschel Parent


“The majority of their future education will likely be delivered in some technology-dependent way, in the near future. Typing has become much more necessary than cursive writing, and learning programming and computer skills is no longer an option, it's necessary.”

A Heschel Parent


Hatch After School

We love that the parents at Heschel recognize how important computers and technology will be for their children. If our program sounds a little too technical to you, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that Hatch kids love the program too! In fact, sometimes the most positive things we hear about our program come directly from the kids. Check out what a few kids learning with Hatch at the Heschel School had to say:


“I like hatching because it is fun!”

- A Hatch Student at Heschel


“What I learn here will help me with school stuff and essays”

- A Hatch Student at Heschel

Want to introduce Hatch to your school? Ask us any questions about our programming and to contact Hatch about offering an after school program in your school.


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