April 7, 2017

Hatch Canada - What Our Kids Do!

Hatch Canada - What Our Kids Do!

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Hatch teaches coding to prepare your kids for the digital future. Part of preparing them for that future is also helping them start and build their digital portfolios which is comprised of all of their best projects and showcases. With a digital portfolio, Hatch students can see how well they’ve progressed with coding, reminisce on their favorite projects, and most importantly use it for future job applications. We’re proud to say that Hatch Canada has helped our students build over 12,000 Digital Portfolios to date, containing more than 80,000 projects and 2,000 showcase projects.

Although we are only featuring two in this blog, we urge you to visit our Students Results page to check the rest of the amazing projects and showcases from our students.


Towards the Meteor!

8 year old Julius coded a very unique adventure game for one of his projects. Towards the Meteor combines on-screen instructions and 2D graphics to direct the player through a series of task. The best part of the game? It challenges you mentally to discover how to get to the next screen. Even when the game feels like it’s over, it’s not over until it actually says you win meaning there’s still an action required which the player has to figure out.

Towards the meteor


“Julius really impressed us with this project. He was able to take the tools he learned to use during his regular showcase classes - like buttons, shape drawings, and states - and applied that in a very unique way in his showcase. Way to go!”

- Peter, Hatch CEO



Circle Dodger

10 year old Abraham’s game, Circle Dodger is as fun as it is as tasking. Players take control of a lonely circle dodger and using the arrow keys helps it navigate the landscape, avoiding falling obstacles. Successfully dodging the obstacles fills up your Mana bar which allows you to fire…

circle dodger

“Abraham has created an extremely impressive game. Not only does it demonstrate a great understanding of different elements of game design (collision detection and character movement), but also makes use of some challenging programming concepts such as arrays, and for-loops.”

- Mina, Hatch COO



To play both games and more from our students’ digital portfolio, visit our Students Results page.

Want to get your child involved in the exciting world of coding and programming? It’s so simple to start. Read about our amazing camps today, and email us at with any questions!


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