April 9, 2020

How Your Kid Can Be an Entrepreneur in the Computer Coding Business

How Your Kid Can Be an Entrepreneur in the Computer Coding Business

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Learning to read and write code develops and promotes a variety of skills. These skills will not only help your child now in their schooling and social lives, but they will also help in whatever career they choose to conquer in the future. One possible career pathway for your kids may be to become an entrepreneur. Owning a business is becoming a more popular dream for many. Entrepreneurship allows people to work for themselves, to set goals not limited by others, and to have the flexibility to make their own schedules. Coding can give your child a limitless future, and entrepreneurship is a possible option.

How to Encourage Your Child into a Computer Coding Business

Entrepreneurship is big business in Canada, with 60% of Canadians thinking that owning your own business is less risky than working for someone else. If you think your child would be well suited to computer coding business ownership, these skills are essential:

  • Good organization
  • Time management
  • Communication
  • Ability to learn from mistakes
  • Problem solving
  • Creativity
  • Flexibility

One more skill that is becoming increasingly important is the ability to learn to read and write code.

Coding teaches soft skills (like time management and organization), which are essential to being a business owner and managing people.

Why Is Being Able to Code Important to Run a Business?

You may be wondering why reading and writing code is needed for business owners, especially if the business does not directly use computers. Whether the business owner is creating an app, selling products online or using online systems to manage productivity, coding knowledge not only provides a productivity boost to their business, it also helps put the business high above its competitors. Coding knowledge can change the way a business owner approaches their projects, the way they view digital content, and their ability to cost and plan technological initiatives.

These Business Owners Started Out as Coders

These Business Owners Started Out as Coders
  1. Jack Dorsey, Twitter and Square Founder: In 2006, Jack and colleague Biz Stone built a prototype for an SMS-style social network. And so Twitter was born in just two weeks.
  2. Marissa Mayer, Yahoo and Lumi Labs: As a software engineer, Marissa got her start at Google. In 2012 she was named the President and CEO of Yahoo. In 2017 she formed Lumi Labs, a startup that specializes in artificial intelligence projects.  
  3. Steve Wozniak, Apple Co-Founder: Steve is often overlooked as the co-founder of Apple because Steve Jobs was considered the star of the company. However, he is credited as the one who wrote Apple BASIC, which is a foundational piece of Apple code.

These Resources Can Help Startups

Coding gives your child a limitless future. Connecting your kids with Hatch Coding - as well as with the following companies - provides the full toolbelt that they need for success:

  • Y Combinator: Y Combinator is a company that fuels early stage startups in any field. They have funded over 2000 startups since 2005. Companies that have come through Y‌ Combinator include Stripe, Airbnb, and Dropbox.
  • CoFoundersLab: CoFoundersLab is an online tool that provides courses and, more importantly, a startup program for new companies. Companies that have found success through CoFoundersLab include Spare.

So, coding is important. Now what? If your kids do not know how to read or write code, you may be feeling like it is too late. However, fear not! It is not too late for them to learn. Hatch Coding provides a casual coder program that can provide one-on-one guidance so that you and your kids can learn how to read and write code.

Coding Can Give Your Child a Limitless Future

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