October 18, 2019

Mastery Learning - The Science Behind Hatch

Learn about the science behind Hatch Coding.

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Hatch’s learning environment ...

Mastery Learning

At Hatch, children build programming skills and critical capabilities in a Mastery-Based learning environment. It's a self-paced environment where a child works toward a series of individualized developmental goals aligned to a larger developmental objective. Once a child masters one goal, they move on to mastering the next goal. The child receives tailored support to ensure they achieve their goals within their comfort zone but in a timely manner. Mastery Learning is proven to reduce achievement gaps - more students achieve their full potential.

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Hatch’s learning drivers ...
Hatch is creating for children options and choices for their future through knowledge of coding. We teach coding skills that develop 5 core competencies that make up the well-rounded programmer:

Mastery Learning Lessons
  • Requirements Based Programming
  • Programmatic Research
  • Computational Thinking
  • Computational Logic
  • Communication and Collaboration

Hatch’s learning tool …

Mastery Learning Activities

Hatch guides students to learning that best fits the child’s need at that moment via the Hatch coding platform. Children set a “Big Goal” and the teacher guides them through a series of activities (smaller goals) that build the skills they need to master to complete their Big Goal, while learning core competencies along the way. Tracking and viewing the child's work in Hatch's platform, the teacher monitors individual progress as opposed to simply monitoring the larger group of students. The technology allows the teacher to individualize the learning for each child, modifying their instruction, providing help and learning aids to fit the needs of the individual child.

Hatch’s measure of learning ...
A child’s engagement is enhanced by increasing the frequency of reward and providing evidence of success in learning. Hatch’s coding platform and frequent teacher feedback accompanied by specific help reduces a child’s perceived effort in mastering new skills. The Hatch platform presents the child with points and rewards as they move through activities, challenges and levels. The teacher’s feedback is presented directly in the platform within each activity.

Family Dashboard serves a Portfolio of a child’s progress. Families can review the progress together. The Hatch Skills Booklet is a record of both the child’s and the teacher's feedback on progress in mastering each of the 5 core competencies. Each child has a booklet that is presented to the family at the end of the term. When the child completes one level of mastery in the 5 core competencies, they move onto a new Hatch Skills Booklet, guiding them to work on the next level of mastery of the 5 core competencies.


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