June 18, 2020

Meet Jaden - Our coder of the month!

We’d like to celebrate and introduce our top student of the month - Jaden B.!

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We’d like to celebrate and introduce our top student of the month - Jaden B.!

Jaden, 11, has jumped right into coding, solving projects all the way to Level 3 from no previous experience! In just two months, he has crushed over 100 projects and 35 challenges so far. Way to go Jaden!

Nancy, Jaden’s mother, clued us in on the source of this motivation - “He wants to learn how to code his own games.”

Jaden and Mom

Learning through play is the best way to discover the world; Hatch’s gamified approach to coding projects makes learning entertaining. When you take a look at Pokeball (Jaden’s favourite project so far), you can see why Jaden is so proud of coding and designing the creation of his very own superpower filled Pokeball!

We’re all missing our friends, Jaden included, but he’s showing us how it’s done...making new friends and “popping in” to greet other kids at the daily virtual coding classes. What makes these a “place” to smile in and return to?

Jaden said it was “the fun quizzes that get the group talking and laughing together”.

Nancy hopes that her son will continue to follow his passion for coding and gaming, so that he can reach his goal of making his own game one day! She knows her son is autonomous, and that if Jaden would be into coding...that he’d stick with it.

“When he chooses to do something, he does it.” Nancy told us. Her advice to other parents?

“Follow your kid’s interest. If [they] want to try, give [them] the opportunity. We never know what the future has for us.”

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