September 17, 2020

Meet Team Kinaxis - Carter, Jessie and Neil!

We sat down with students from our Kinaxis Company Team to learn about their take on Team Coding with Hatch. The biggest take-away? Coding in a team goes a lot faster and it’s more enjoyable working with others.

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We sat down with students from our Kinaxis Company Team to learn about their take on Team Coding with Hatch. The biggest take-away? Coding in a team goes a lot faster and it’s more enjoyable working with others.

Meet Jessie - She’s fascinated with programming and knows how valuable of a skill it is for her future. In 2 months, she’s coded 90 projects, 159 challenges and has 2 showcase projects on Hatch’s platform. Outside of Hatch she loves to read, and play hockey and video games.


Meet Neil -  can create with coding and in a month and a half has coded over 50 projects and 70 challenges with Hatch. He hopes to one day pursue a career in either engineering or architecture. Outside of Hatch he plays a lot of basketball and hockey and is an avid gamer.

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Meet Carter - He aspires to become a computer engineer and in less 2 months with Hatch, has completed 43 projects, 62 challenges and has 3 showcase projects on our platform. Outside of Hatch he loves to play hockey and video games.


What made you interested in programming?

Neil: What got me into programming is how high demand jobs are in the field. Also, my parents have a computing background so I was curious to look into it. I was also drawn to coding as the things you can create are infinite!

Carter: I like all the things you can do with coding. Before I used Hatch, I watched YouTube videos of people writing coding. It’s so cool that Hatch really teaches you to code, so you can create your own projects and leave with a skill.

What do you do in a typical team coding class?

Carter: We work together on a group project. We split it up into a series of mini-projects to complete a large project.

What are your top team coding projects and what makes them so awesome?

Jessie: I liked the logo project and

Kinaxis Team Logo

functions project. Both of them required talking through what we were going to do and planning ahead, and I think they turned out really well!

What is it like coding in a team?

Jessie: Coding in a team goes a lot faster and it’s more enjoyable working with others.

What would you like to study in or what career would you like to work in?

Neil: I would like to work in engineering or architecture. I realize coding is involved in every career. I think learning coding now is a great skill and you can apply it to almost anywhere.

Carter: I would like to study computer engineering.

Jessie: I’ve always been interested in robotics and found programming fascinating.

What is the most challenging thing about learning to code?

Carter: Learning how things fit together and trying to find a way to have things fit together to create what you want.

Jessie: Learning different syntax for different languages.

Neil: Learning basic functions and keywords. Once you get to know them and practice, you get better.

Did you have any prior experience before joining Hatch?

Carter: I used Scratch but it’s blocks of codes, it takes Syntax out and it’s just the logic. I like Hatch better.

What advice would you give to others to learn how to code?

Neil: Just try it out and build up your challenges.

Jessie: Set a goal for what you want to do with the code. As you get better, set larger goals.

Carter: Start with smaller projects, get a feel, you can feel more creative and start to think about making your own projects.

Do you think everyone should learn to code?

Jessie: Yes! As tech gets more advanced, it’s going to be a big job field and it will be more important to learn to program.

Was there anything surprising about Hatch?

Carter: I was surprised how much I memorized RBG (changing colours).

Neil: I memorized a lot and learned about declaring your variables.

Jessie: I never programmed in a group before and I learned a lot about communication, splitting the tasks and planning ahead.

What do you like most about Hatch instructors?

Neil: They give clear advice on how to make your code better.

Jessie: They are supportive of learning and helpful when I don’t know something.

Carter: Coaches are veteran coders who can see problems that you can’t.

Neil, Jessie and Carter are one of many teams that joined Hatch this past summer for our Team Coding program. The program made it possible for students from ages 8-18 to learn group coding and build creative projects with others. They all agree in The Power of Coding.

Check out the 3 Skills That are Developed When Kids Learn to Code.

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