April 3, 2017

Out of this World Hatch Camp Experience

Want to know what’s been going on with Hatch lately? We’ve had a lot of fun over the March break, so here is a breakdown of our camps and how we kept busy.

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Want to know what’s been going on with Hatch lately? We’ve had a lot of fun over the March break, so here is a breakdown of our camps and how we kept busy.

Our out of this world Space Camp was a massive success, with over 200 campers in all age ranges attending. During this day-long camp. half the day was dedicated to coding and the other half was focused on space-related hands-on projects. Our campers learned a lot about natural forces, engineering concepts, electricity and more.

This was a great way to introduce our space curriculum that focused on the engineering aspect of coding without using any pre-built robots. Campers were taught the basics of creating a moving robot arm, utilizing a 4-bar joint made simply with a piece of cardboard and brass fasteners. Or creating a moving car, in which the engines were made up using elastic bands and pencils.

This project may sound ambitious and that’s because it was. These experiments take things to the next level, which is where the learning happens.  By asking our campers to construct their own projects, they learn about the details that go behind everyday robots.  Every camper left with 3 projects – creating a Mars Rover, rocket launcher and a circuit board (made of tape and LED’s). Some campers even left with a robot arm that can pick up a water bottle!

On Friday, we took our campers on a field trip to the Mozilla office in downtown Toronto. Mozilla was great with the kids and was able to go over their questions and explain what they do to our excited Hatch coders. Our campers impressed with some great questions and even got to gander at the company’s 3D laser printer. The field trip was part of our camp initiative to introduce campers to major companies in the coding industry so they can see potential exciting career options and coding in action.

We keep things exciting at Hatch, offering new experiences that are both cool and educational. Want to see if your young ones may enjoy the exciting world of coding? Schedule a tour today!

Want to get your child involved in the exciting world of coding and programming? It’s so simple to start. Read about our amazing camps today, and email us at with any questions!


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