January 5, 2021

Teens Who Code: Building Friendships and Skills for their Futures

What do these teenagers all have in common? They all chose Hatch Coding to kickstart their coding journey and are advancing their skills by coding in a team. Meet the Keyboard Warriors!

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What do these teenagers all have in common? They all chose Hatch Coding to kickstart their coding journey and are advancing their skills by coding in a team. Meet the Keyboard Warriors!

From Solo Coders to Top Team of the Month

The Keyboard Warriors combined their coding talents during Hatch Coding’s summer team event and have been mastering JavaScript group projects ever since. They meet for an hour each week with their team coach to create new group projects and review each other’s code - learning to both give and receive feedback on their work. They’re strengthening their collaboration skills and having a lot of fun together simultaneously. Meet the teens of this month’s top Hatch Coding Team - Introducing the Keyboard Warriors!

Keyboard Warriors - Profiles

Alex, 14, only started coding a few months ago and has since coded 63 projects and 173 challenges! What got him interested in programming was watching other people make video games and he thought, “I like writing stories, so why don’t I make an interactive game out of them?” His passion for coding was soon ignited and he’s been unstoppable since.

Coder, Kody on his bike.

Kody, 15, a Hatch Coding veteran since 2017 has coded 144 projects and 90 challenges to date! His mom kickstarted his coding journey by signing him up for Hatch Coding, and although he was at first hesitant about it, he tells us that; “Once I started actually learning more about it (coding) I became interested in it. This was also around the time I started playing more video games, and that helped grow my interest too.”

He’s been weighing his options for his future career and is considering cybersecurity, software development or artificial intelligence.

Coder, Christian at his computer.

Christian, 15, started to learn programming with Hatch Coding two years ago and what got him to try it was; “I saw my friends at school were already doing it and it seemed interesting.” he said. He’s coded 31 projects and 58 challenges to date and hopes to pursue a career in business or technology when he’s older.


Jesse, 15, joined Hatch Coding in the summer of 2020 and shared his reason: “I realized everything tech-related needed code to work.” He’s coded 64 projects and 91 challenges so far and continues to challenge himself as he’s thinking about pursuing a career in engineering after high school.

Why Team Coding?

The best thing about coding in a team is; “Being able to think with other people and share the work.” shared Kody. And Alex adds; “There’s a lot more minds to help solve bugs.” Learning how to work with a team is an essential skill of any programmer, as almost all software is built in teams. Students looking to advance their coding skills join a team of three to six students to do collaborative coding projects and can graduate to advanced placement group coding, where they work on more complex projects.

Each week the Keyboard Warriors work together for an hour with their Hatch Coding Coach, Austin. They’ll review each other’s code to find any bugs and then problem solve with trying possible solutions together. When asked how they plan new coding projects together, Alex says; “Whatever comes to mind, we throw ideas out there and if something sticks, we just try it out.” So not only are they learning to problem solve, but they’re learning the art of improvisation and the fun in play.

Top Team Projects: ‘Fun and Chaotic’

What are the Keyboard Warriors best and brightest team code projects? “Definitely the calculator. It’s chaotic and infuriating to use, but it was fun to make.” the team agreed. And the top contender? Their Minecraft Slot Machine that will keep you playing and trying your luck for hours.

Explore their Chaotic Calculator!

Chaotic Calculator Code Project by The Keyboard Warriors

Try your luck with Minecraft Slot Machine!

Collaboration: Key Skill for Life

Coding in a team helps kids to learn the key collaboration skills needed to become a well-rounded programmer. And even if your child chooses a career that doesn’t require programming skills, according to Indeed’s Career Guide, Teamwork skills are the third top skills employers look for when hiring a new candidate.

Not sure if your child would find interest in learning to code? Have them try Hatch Coding’s project for beginners: Hold a Ball


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